February 08, 2013

Peacock-A-Palooza Part 5: Shrinking Pictures

Did you have Shrinky Dinks as a child?!?!  I did!!  This project has some interesting potential!  We did not use Shrinky Dink brand material.  The product we used was Grafix Shrink Film.  Same idea for the most part.  After doing a Sharpie line drawing...the image was filled in with colored chalk dipped in water.  If you don't have a classroom toaster oven...they are a good investment(polymer clay, salt dough, melting crayons..etc).  The application of this product could be a jewelry lesson.  If you cut the product to the right size...it could shrink down to necklace size.  Use a hole punch before putting it into the oven...and you have the hole for the string once it is done.  Image an Egyptian unit...and they could do a hieroglyph necklace!!  


  1. Is it. The photos that are. Blurry, or did the shrinking process with the use of chalk make the images blurry?

  2. Where do you order your shrinky dink from. I love it and want some plain sheets?

  3. I believe it can be ordered out of any major art supply catalog...Blick/Sax/Triarco