January 30, 2015

AOE Winter Conference

I was going through my box yesterday...thinking about how fun it is to be connected with such a great group of art educators from ALL over!!  

My session is during the 5th hour...right towards the end!!  DON'T LEAVE EARLY!  I want to hear from you and your thoughts on Professional Development!  

(I won't be able to get online till closer time for my session...I'm leading some PD up at Western Kentucky University!!)

January 28, 2015

Art Teacher Christmas!!!


New art supplies are such a gift!!!  The assurance you will be able to carry on with old projects...try new projects...and sniff markers! (Well...maybe not the last one! Haha)  I am fortunate to have a supply budget that is given me by the school.  Granted...it could always be bigger(I get less money than when I started 18 yrs ago...AND TRUST ME...supplies are much more expensive than 18 yrs ago!!).....but it is enough to do the job with careful planning!!  It is all about prioritizing & choices!  What can you not live without(PAPER!)....and what can I get every other year OR every three years(oil pastels, construction paper crayons..etc).  I know many teachers struggle with having no budget...or ridiculously small budgets(I heard one teacher gets $200 a year for over 1000 students?!?!!).  I wish we could all be given what our programs need....but as art teachers....we are survivors..inventors..bargainers...and dumpster divers!!!  I would love to hear stories of how low budgets find amazing success!!!  If ya have a minute...share in the comments how you do it!!

January 27, 2015

Lack of Subs & Legos


Vines for VBS


Hello friends!!  On my blog I also share ideas/tips for VBS!  This year I am so excited for the theme...I've already started preparing!!  (My wife is the children's minister....so I am Mr. Ministry! Hahaha)  One of the ideas they shared at VBS training was using plastic table covers for vines.  They didn't recommend the ones at dollar stores because they are so cheap...but that is exactly why I wanted to use them!  I first unfolded it just enough so I could cut long strips out of it.  With some...I unfolded them completely....then pulled/stretched the plastic out all the way down the strip. I loved the look of this!!  The others I tried different cutting techniques to make them look "leafy".  I don't know if there is a right way to do it.....just be careful not to over cut or over stretch!  They are dollar store...and pretty thin.  I believe I made 40 from one plastic cover!!  $1 well spent!

 Stay tuned for more VBS ideas!!


January 26, 2015

Always the bridesmaid...

HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!!

The results are in...and Art With Mr. E came in second(for the elementary division) this year in The Art of Education's annual blog contest!!!  I'm in no way upset about this...was just trying to be silly(if ya follow me...you know I don't take myself too seriously!!).  I've come in second for Teacher of the Year at my school for the past 5 yrs!!!  ha ha  I came up with the whole "Maid-of-Honor" because of that!!  The company I keep on this list is UNREAL!!!!!!!!!  I'm truly honored to be a part of such amazing people...artists...art educators!!!   I LOVE that AOE does this contest every year...because it brings art ed bloggers to the forefront & I always find new blogs to love!!!!  Make sure to check out all the blogs nominated over at The Art of Education website!!!!!!


I really appreciate all my readers/followers...and am so grateful for you taking the time to vote for Art With Mr. E!  It really is a passion of mine....and I'm happy that there are people out there that enjoy it & get something from it!!!  

....and remember...

January 23, 2015



Getting ready to go teach my daughter's kindergarten class an art lesson!!  These kids haven't had art yet this year....should be interesting!!  

January 22, 2015

Go to all your computer thingies.....and vote for Art With Mr. E for Elementary Blog of the Year on The Art of Education!!


January 20, 2015

More Birds: Kindergarten


Sorry gang...I just can't get enough of these little guys!!!!  They make me chuckle every time I see them (ever have a project like that?).  So I have two more days of teaching this lesson...you may see another post. ha ha  I love how the first one(top left kind of looks like Patrick from Sponge Bob).  

January 19, 2015

Go Vote!!!


Hey friends...let's make this happen!!  Art with Mr. E is up for elementary blog of the year once again.  Always a bridesmaid...never a bride. UNTIL THIS YEAR!!!!! VOTE VOTE VOTE!!  You can vote once a day!  Check out the other categories too...some other amazing blogs that deserve your support!!  

                             CLICK THE LINK BELOW TO GO VOTE NOW


January 18, 2015

Tiki Time: 2nd Grade

This is the first day of a two day project.  My 2nd graders were looking at Tiki Masks...and other Pacific Island masks as inspiration.  We used a full 12x18 sheet of brown paper to start with.  We used white tempera & gouache to bring our Tiki Masks to life!  Day two we'll add some more details & clean up edges. 

January 16, 2015


Are you going to be attending the AOE Winter Online Conference?
They have AMAZING speakers!!! 
The talks are set up in 10 min blurbs...and each presentation has hand outs to go with them!!! 
I'm going to be presenting on Taking Control With Teacher Led Professional Development!  

Go To The Link Below To Sign Up Today!

You Say Sumi...I Say Sumi-e

3rd Grade Sumi/Sumi-e Paintings

  However say it/spell it.....they are a whole lot of fun to do!!  Plus...the kids are super successful!! WIN/WIN!  At the start of class I tell the kids they are going to be painting...but there is a catch!!  NO PENCILS!  I usually let my students draw before they paint...so they looked at me as if I just fell off tthe crazy train.  Fear though was replaced quickly with confidence & pride!  They were very excited about their work....and so was I!!!!!!!!!!!!!  




January 15, 2015

Mixed Media Rain Forest Birds: Kindergarten

I jump into Art Show projects right after Christmas break.  If you have ever done an All School art show...you know how much work it is.  Even though it is still a few months away...you need the time to prepare.  Some projects you dreamed up might not work out...kids are out of school...snow days...etc..etc.  So my kindergarten students painted paper & added texture to it last week.  This week the created the collage birds.  I think we may work one more time on it...adding a bit more sparkle!!!  

January 13, 2015

More 3rd Grade Circle Weavings

I just discovered pictures I hadn't posted before Christmas break!  I love the patterns the students created this year on their looms!!!!  If you haven't seen the others....  

January 11, 2015

Nominations for Blog of the Year


                                                                  Go to the link below......

Art With Mr. E has been in the top 5 the past three years...lets go for #1 this year!!!

January 09, 2015

Paint Scrapers

I am totally in love with these!!  I picked them up at Wal-Mart for 1.98 a pack(4 in a pack).  I had to go to two stores to get enough for my larger classes(27 students).  They work well...clean up easy...and are pretty sturdy!!  My Ks have not been putting enough force behind it...but I don't think that will be an issue for the older students.  I don't know if this line of products is being phased out...or they just haven't restocked since Christmas in the craft section?!  I wouldn't wait though if you are interested in getting them. 

 Yes..you could make them...or collect found objects...but with 3 kids..."Nobody got time for that!"  

Kindergarten Snowmen

Well...the weather outside is frightful!!!  
We've had our first official "COLD" day for the year this week...and I know a large chunk of the USA is "enjoying" some record colds/wind/snow!!!!  

So this is the perfect time to share my Kindergarten snowmen!! We started the class by reading The Biggest, Best Snowman. (super cute book...ordered it from Scholastic!)  We used long "skinny" black paper...they drew it first...then we used construction paper crayons to color it.  The students LOVE construction paper crayons.  They are a splurge buy every two or three years for me(we don't use them a ton..so they last).  

I usually show ya'll my IDEAL work(that best fits the objectives of the lesson).  However, there is such value...and fun from the pieces that don't fit into the "ideal".  I love the two snowmen below!!!  They make me chuckle...and truly display where each child is at!  I think we have some amazing outside of the box thinkers here!!!!!!  


January 08, 2015

Did Ya See My "Desk"?


My "desk" is in the latest issue of SchoolArts!  I got rid of a traditional desk YEARS ago.  However, with technology stuff.....I had to have a command center.  I was able to rid of my "demo" table when I got my document camera....so it was an even trade space wise. 
I just don't want unnessissary furniture. 


I call it my "Bridge" like on Star Trek!! 
 Maybe not that cool...but as close as I am gonna get! Haha

January 07, 2015

Ms. Sanford Got A Job!!!

Ms. Sanford (my student teacher from the fall) stopped by today!!  She just found out yesterday she was hired for an elementary art position here in Nashville!!!  A December graduate getting a job in January?!  AWESOME!  I am so excited for her....she will be amazing & the students/staff will love her!  I made the sign for outside her new classroom in her favorite colors! She brought me a gift from her mom.....homemade applesauce, crabapple jelly, and maple syrup(made by her grandpa in upstate New York).  Can't say I've ever gotten a present from a student teacher's family!!  A reflection of the amazing family that produced such an amazing young lady!   Emily makes the 5th student teacher of mine hired in my district...and the 7th in middle TN!  I like keepin' my peeps close...so I can keep an eye on 'em! Haha 


January 02, 2015

Even More 3rd Grade Clay Masks

Here are even more of the 3rd grade clay mask project.  
If you are just tuning in...scroll back and look at the other posts!!  

Hard to tell from the picture...but the owl is actually vertical! The student asked if he could have his mask stand up.....so I told him if he could figure out a way for it to stand up & be stable...GO FOR IT! So he did!! 

Some kids will always go rainbow!!! :)
  I'm sure if I had sparkles..they'd be all over that too!! ha ha

I really love this one...but mostly because it is kind of disturbing(in the best possible way).  The color seems kind of zombie/undeadish..  The black really helped to step up the creep factor!!