July 28, 2012

First Day Back!

We had our art in-service Friday at Cheekwood ( http://www.cheekwood.org/ ).  Marilyn Stewart was our guest speaker.  She is the author of the new textbooks we adopted from Davis Publishing.  The hat I'm wearing has to do with the fall Red Grooms push we're doing in our district.  I'll be linking that blog on here soon.  Janet, Julie (Art Matters), and I always help out at the inservice with registration...and always wear hats of some sorts(to be silly & bring a smile to the faces of fellow art teachers who may not be ready to go back).  

Janet...being Janet! :) ha ha  ( http://msmalonesartroom.blogspot.com )

Room full of elementary & middle school art teachers from our district!

July 27, 2012

July 25, 2012

Chair "Footies"

I have had many e-mailing me from Pinterest & Art With Mr. E ...."WHAT IS ON THE BOTTOM OF YOUR CHAIRS?!?!"  So the best way to answer all of you who've asked...a blog post!! 

Felt is the material I use.  The pre-cut rectangles of felt sold at Wal-Mart or your local craft store works, but make sure you find a sale!!  You can also purchase felt by the yard...and it tends to be a bit of a thicker quality(not sure why...just does?!?!).  You will need a good pair of scissors & a thick rubber band.

Cut the felt into thirds. 

Fold it over once.

Center on the bottom of your chair leg.

Tie rubber band around felt in the groove where the "foot" of the chair meets the leg of the chair.  Hmm..guess that would be its ankle?

Keep looping it...over and over..until you can't loop it anymore.

There ya go!  No more tennis balls!!!!  

Usually my "footies" will stay on the chairs the whole year long if I've tied them on tight enough.  On average I have to replace about 5 individual footies during the school year, but there have been years I've only replaced 1(now that isn't a whole chair worth...just one leg!!!!!)  I like them because I can match my color theme for the year with no problem!!  They keep your floors looking new...and keep the chair from making horrible sounds!  At times a piece of lead or crayon will get caught & mark up your floor.  If you can't remove it from the felt...just take it off and flip it inside out...brand new!!!  

July 23, 2012

Summer is Ending

We start back to school on Friday!  This is our first year using a "balanced" calender.  It pretty much means 9 weeks on 2 weeks off...and then 7 weeks of summer (except for some reason this year..we are only getting one week at fall, but the following year we'll be 9/2 9/2 9/2 9/7).  I truly enjoyed my time with my babies this summer.  They have grown so much...and I'm happy I could be around for it.  Once school hits...I miss so much.  It will be hard leaving them (and my wife)every day, but I am thankful to have the job I do...I know so many men that are not able to be with their kiddos like I am blessed to as a teacher!!  

Oh..and if you are wondering...the pictures are from Cow Appreciation at Chick Fil A this summer!! ha ha

July 12, 2012

Blog Award

When I first started blogging, I LOVED THESE KIND OF AWARDS!!!!  I thought they 
were wonderful.  However, after several years of blogging under my belt..I've become suspicious.  I know that I have a good number of visitors, and if these award givers are linked to me...it should increase their traffic(as well as bring some to me).  Most of the time I don't pay much attention to them, but this one I really was proud of.  I was one of the only art teachers selected in their elementary section.   So suspicious or not..I'm posting it! ha ha  

July 10, 2012

Nashville Arts Magazine: Guest Blogger

After being featured in the first edition of ArtSmart in Nashville Arts Magazine, I was asked by the editor of ArtSmart to consider being a guest blogger for the magazine's online site.  How could I say no?!?!  Here is my first guest blog post!  ENJOY!

(Oh...forgot to mention.. she said I was the TN Art Teacher of the Year...I was the TN Elementary Art Teacher of the Year...don't wanna take credit where it is not due!)

July 03, 2012

Art Fundraisers?

I have never been in a position to do art fundraisers.  Our school has a 2 fundraiser policy(I believe set up by the principal)...and it is for the whole school.  The need has never been great for me to push the issue...because I've always had a budget(some years better than others...and some years sooner than others).  I was recently contacted by a local company (in the Nashville, TN area)...and thought their "concept" was pretty good.  I told her I'd share it with ya'll  since I couldn't utilize them..maybe someone in my viewer/reader/blogger community could!
(I'm getting NO kick back at all..just thought I support a local business).


Owned and operated by a local Nashville Mom, School Art Graphics is an art and graphic design based school fundraiser.  School Art Graphics transforms original kid-created art, or simple digital snapshots, into beautiful, art gallery inspired prints.  These professional quality, prints are not only loved by parents, they encourage creativity and build self-esteem in students, as well as, help raise much needed money for schools.  A School Art Graphics fundraiser is super easy.  From set-up and instructions to print preview and purchase, everything you need is online.  Go to http://schoolartgraphics.com for more information.