November 29, 2013

Collection of My Winter Boards In Review

I've had several people asking me about my winter boards. I started doing them the same year I started my blog!!  So here are all the images of the finished products.  They've changed a bit over the years, but you can approach it however you like.  When I first started, I just put paper up for the background.  Since then I've done both painted backgrounds & woven.  If you have questions...please leave me a comment!! I'd be happy to help out any way I can!  (if you have an odd couple days before Christmas could do it then! Winter goes through Feb..right?)







November 28, 2013

..official announcement..

Baby 3 is on the way!!!  
He/She should be here around the end of 
April(takin' the heat off my 40th birthday! ha ha).

Happy Thanksgiving from Mr. E


....and hoping you won't have any issues with your turkey!

November 26, 2013

Winter Board '13 - '14: K-4th Grade

As I posted earlier, these odd 2 days before Thanksgiving break....I have all my classes make parts to the winter bulletin board that will be up in our main hall till mid/end of January.  Here is the completed offering for this year!  I was picturing something very bright & fun....AND I GOT IT!!! The kids are so proud.  

The Beginning of Winter Board '13-'14: K-4th

Every year on these two odd days before Thanksgiving...I step out of the curriculum to have each class I see (10 out of the 26 classes I see in a weeks time) to create a part of the large bulletin board in the main hallway.  They are always winter...always fun!  I can't wait till we get this one completed!!  As much as I plan...they always seem to take on a life of their own!  

November 25, 2013

Painting Night At Church

Friday night we had our first every "Painting Night" at church.  It was a fund raiser for the moms group at our church.  Many people had been to those "Paint-a-Canvas" type place that spoon feeds them EVERYTHING! (some even draw the picture on the canvas for the person..and hands them the exact colors they are to use)  They were a bit shell shocked when I told them I wanted them to be creative & do something that was totally them!  I had 5 examples drawn out up front...and had my iPad with a Pinterest page full of ideas that I was more than happy to share.  Yet somehow...they still were afraid.  However, after about 15/20 min....they all relaxed & started enjoying themselves.  We ended up having a BLAST...and raised $500 for Java Moms!!!!  They all asked me..."WHEN ARE WE DOING THIS AGAIN?!?!!?"  
I might have an art ministry at the church starting to bloom!!! 

MICHAEL's AMAZED ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

These are two of my PTO parents who saw my Facebook post & came!!!  

November 23, 2013

More Completed Ugly Dolls: 4th Grade

I think this guy is pretty awesome!! So much expression.  I do think this is probably my fav. project after weaving!!!!  The color...the fun...the development of new skills!!!! If you've done ugly dolls in the past, leave me a link...I'd love to see them!! 

November 22, 2013

Emotion Monsters: 1st Grade

We were looking at how color/line/shape impact the emotion/mood of a piece of art in Picasso's work.
We took the idea of color/line/shape & emotion....and created these collage monster faces(using construction paper crayon's to add a little extra somethin' somethin'!!! ha ha).  Kids loved making faces at each other as they talked about how eyes/mouth and other parts of your face change when expressing an emotion!  Hopefully this will carry over into other work!

November 19, 2013

Completed Ugly Dolls: 4th Grade

These Ugly Dolls make me happy!!  The kids are having so much fun adding the details & sewing on the hair.  In the spring I'm planning on having the 4th grade create pictures by sewing buttons onto fabric.  I really want them to not only leave me with a strong art background, but a life skill that they will take with them forever.  If ya didn't realize this...sewing is a lost art/skill!!!

November 17, 2013


So the Kindergarten team at my school send home an outline of a turkey as a family project.  They are asked to disguise the turkey so it doesn't get caught for Thanksgiving! ha ha  Some have more parent help than others, but I love them!!!!!  They made me laugh..and thought they might make you smile as well!