January 29, 2011

Question: What kind of glue works best for sequins??

So this next week my 2nd graders are going to be adding to their tint & shade robots.  I'm going to allow them to use some metallic paint & sequins to give 'em a little bling bling.  However, when I've used sequins in the past...it just hasn't worked out very well.  I would allow the students to attach the sequins with Elmer's.  However...they'd so easily pop off after the glue dried.  What works best for you? 
Thanks for your thoughts!!!!

January 27, 2011

NAEA National Convention

So who's going??  Unfortunately, I am not....unless some wealthy person comes along and helps pay my way.  Don't see that happening though(you'd think in Nashville I'd know some famous rich country singer?? ha ha ).  Our district only pays for math & reading conventions...so that's a dead end.  With my wife and I expecting our second this summer(and she will no longer be teaching) we are pinchin' our pennies & saving as much as possible.  Oh well....I can't wait to hear all about it from the rest of ya!!!  What are you looking forward to the most?  If you've gone before....what was the best part of the convention for you?  How many teachers from your district usually go? 

Super Hero Comics - 4th Grade (Part 2)

Ok, some of these kids are just crazy!?! ha ha  I love their imagination...even if their super hero would never fly with DC or Marvel! 

Super Hero Comics - 4th Grade

Every year I have my 4th graders create their own super hero & comic strip.  Take a moment to look through the pictures.  It is amazing the variety of ideas...and abilities.  Some of the kids I've taught since kindergarten...and some just walk through the doors(Nashville has a very transient population!!!). 

January 26, 2011

Alien Prints - 3rd Grade

The ink was still tacky, so I'm not sure if that is why some of the colors are appearing a bit odd in the photos or not?  They were also printed on florescent paper...so that might affect it as well.  No matter, I love them! The kids had so much fun.  I allowed the students to vote on the colors we used for printing to give them a bit more control of the project.  If you don't do much print making...allow yourself two class times to complete the lessson.

Alien Habitat Collage - 1st Grade

I'm working on our all school art show pictures right now.  The theme is Out of This World Art.  Over the next month or so, I am planning on several projects with each grade level using this theme.  My 1st graders have been studying habitats this 9 weeks in my room, so I thought an alien habitat would be an easy transition.  Ummm.. NO.  The two pictures here are the best out of the group on Tues.  I'm so sad the others did not turn out well.  I'm giving it another try next week though....and hope for better results!!!!!  Maybe a second class time on this project will be just the thing they need to make awesome alien habitats!!!!

January 25, 2011


After a year off because of our numbers being down...I'm back teaching the summer art camp , Art-al-Sol!  The best part about it....IT WILL BE AT TULIP GROVE ELEMENTARY!!!(my school)  So if you are in the Metro Nashville area(this includes those outside of Davidson County...so come on Wilson County kids..you're a stones throw away!!!)....SIGN UP!!!!!!!!!!  The cost is only $150 for this five day camp, June 20-24th from 8:30am-2:30pm!  We will be creating amazing projects that go over & above anything we can do in a normal school year!  So if you are 8 yrs old to 10 yrs old...make sure you sign up for Art-al-Sol at Tulip Grove.  The information will posted on the MNPS website by Friday.  I'll post the link as soon as it is made available!

January 21, 2011

Interesting Arts Report Out of Australia

I saw this artical posted on ME Arts Ed blog. 

I have to agree that art projects that go with what students are learning in the classroom would greatly enhance their learning.  However...most teacher actually do feel they have too much content to teach to ever get around to fun complementary projects for their lessons.  I'm kind of amazed that the educational chairmen, Barry McGaw,  said they don't put too much on them.  I'm not in Australia..so I don't know exactly how things work there, but I know in the United States...more and more is being expected out of students & teachers.  It seems that by forcing so much information on to students keeps them from mastering anything.  How many times have I had teachers tell me...I use to be a fun teacher..I use to do fun projects with my lessons...I use to love doing art type projects with my lessons.  However, they can no longer do this!  They have too much to cover & not enough time. 

There are some things this artical doesn't address...what happens to art teachers? Do they resource the classroom/subject area teachers?  Do they still teach their own subject...and just help out with the projects classroom teacher have students create? 

I thought this was interesting...how you enjoyed it too. Please share your thoughts!!!

January 20, 2011

Tints & Shades 2nd Grade

This assignment is not for the faint of heart!  The images you are about to see are the best of my 2nd grade classes.  They are not representative of the WHOLE second grade! 

I love teaching tints & shades!  However, I wanted to try to change up how I taught/reviewed this topic.  I decided it would be a "great idea" to have the kids create these images.  I mean..really..how hard can it be...all you have to draw is a line and a circle...and the rest is paint!  Even with 2 demos, examples on the board, verbal reminders....this was not easy for 2nd graders!!!  Its always good to try new things...new ways of teaching old ideas...but sometimes...you are better off stickin' with your tried & true lessons!! ha ha

January 19, 2011

1st Grade has gone to the birds!?!?!

Kindergarten City Scape Collages

I'm doing a unit on "scapes" with my kindergarten classes.  Last week(well..before the snow days) we created landscapes. This week we are looking at city scapes.  I wanted to work on scissor skills/cutting.  I am not diving deep into foreground, middle ground, and background,  but do talk about it some to introduce the idea to the students.  I think they turned out pretty cool.
I think next week we may make a car to put on the road!!