August 21, 2009

Art Room Bulletin Boards - Looking, Thinking, & Talking About Art

Last year I finally got a big boy's chalk board!! They had ordered new white boards for about half the rooms(all they could afford)...and where just getting rid of the old chalk boards. I love my chalk boards because I can put stuff on them with magnets!!! I have a magnetic word wall, art posters, and I keep a stock of sheet magnets so I can make about anything magnetic!! Anyways, I asked them for one...and they were happy to hang it on my other wall. They took the bulletin board from that wall and placed it here...going vertical. I knew I wanted to make an area to look/talk/think/write about art!!! My old little chalk board is a great place to hang prints to go with my lessons. And on the right side I have liquid nailed metal sheets up to the wall & that is where my word wall/vocab hangs!!!

This board has prompts for discussing art. I also printed out a ton of words to help the student talk about art. They are mostly adjectives that have a bit more meet to them than pretty or ugly! ha ha I created the boarder from old art text books that were going to be discarded.

My small chalk board is the perfect place to post the large Discover Art prints. I use the fatty clip magnets to secure them in place. I also printed out a sing that says Portrait Art that's up in the top left hand corner.

Please forgive the poor picture, but this is my word wall. I bought four sheets of metal at Home Depot and Liquid Nailed them to my wall. I wrote my words out on index card(the back cause I didn't like the lines showing), and placed sheet magnets on the back. I will grab the words from their and place them on my large chalk board with my teacher examples to reinforce the vocabulary with the art!

August 18, 2009

Art Room Bulletin Boards & Displays '09

Art Room Bulletin Boards - Discipline

I am trying a new "system" this year. With having all 530 students this year, I need to keep organized & simplistic. I have a chart with 36 boxes across(the number of times I'm suppose to see the students in a years time). At the end of the class time, I fill in the box with the color that matches their behavior for the day. Blue is a GREAT DAY! Red is OK DAY..but could be better. Yellow is NOT A GOOD DAY! I slide the color across to let the the kids know where they are at during the class time...every class starts on blue. Individual student issues will be handled individually...this chart is for class as a whole. The kids seem to like knowing if they're doing better than the other classes!

Hallway Display

At the end of the school year I have my students make me turtles with fun designs and patterns for the hallway outside my classroom. I change my color theme every year for five years(so that the students don't see the same thing twice..we're a K-4th school) I always know what colors I'm going with for the next year(primary, warms, cools, greens, and secondary). I started this 6 yrs I'm back to primary!! I thought the word CREATE! was fitting...and may use that idea again next year!!

August 17, 2009

Art Room Bulletin Boards - Is Your Mind On Art?

I just love this crazy head spilling over with art!! I'm not sure when or how I came up with this, but it is recreated each year to match my color theme(if you haven't noticed...this year is primary!)

Art Room Bulletin Boards - No-No Board

Argue it if you like, but students do need to be told NO! It will not stiffle their creativity!! We as teachers are there to instruct our students, and I've personally found a "No-No" board extremely helpful. Some students don't realize that blue clouds are just lazy clouds....that the sun is not a person & does not have a face....or that their mother did not pick up a stick and call it her child! So, this is my board...and I go over each point with my students EVERY YEAR!! My forth graders love my theatrical presentation!! ha ha

Art Room Bulletin Boards -Write Your Name

I'm constantly reminding my students to write their name on their paper. I decided a bulletin board would be a great reminder for them. Also, it allows me to have examples of where to place their name. If you've ever had to hunt for a students name on their'll understand having a set rule of where to place their name is important! Does this solve all my problems....NO!....but it has helped this issue a great deal.

August 11, 2009

Mona & the Mug

Seems that the Mona Lisa was attacked again!
Some woman pulled a mug/cup out of her
bag and threw it at the painting. Thank goodness for the bulletproof glass!!!