June 26, 2009

Art Camp Session 2 - Abstract Expressionism

Art Camp Session 2 - Print Making

Art Camp Session 2 - Tribal Masks

Art Camp Session 2 - Aboriginal Art

Art Camp Session 2 - Fish Sculptures

Art Camp Session 2 - Silk Painting

Art Camp Session 2 - Molas

Art Camp Session 2 - Rainforests

We were trying to go around the world with our art, and for South America we decided to do a "Rainforest" inspired picture. We talked about how rainforests are colorful & full of life. We also talked to the students about how things in the rainforest for sure overlap! The first step was to have the students draw their trees. We made sure that they placed the trees at different levels on their page & that the branches overlapped at the top. Then we had the students draw a variety of patterns in their trees(encouraging them to first break the tree into sections to get more patterns into each tree). Next the students traced everything with Sharpie. Then students did a watercolor wash over the whole page(we limited them to 3 colors & encouraged them to overlap the colors...but to keep it very watery/washy!!). We used liquid watercolor, but standard watercolors would work to if they kept it watery!! Last step was to go over the trees with marker. We really pushed them to color each section individually & to not cross over the Sharpie outlines.