September 28, 2020

This Week In Art: K-4th Artist Inspired Fall Art


We are at the end of the 9 weeks, and I’ve covered the required content for our online curriculum.  I decided we’d create some fall art inspired by different artists. During our online class time I started each session with images and information about the artists (Not found in the videos!). 

Maybe you can use some of these ideas with your students! 

Britto Inspired Leaves

Picasso Inspired Scarecrow

Van Gogh Inspired Leaves

Warhol Inspired Complementary Color Leaves

Seurat Inspired Scarecrow


September 27, 2020

Sunday Devotional With Mr.E: Joy?

Does being an artist bring you joy?  We all have days were we aren't "into it"(no matter our job or passion ), but do you experience joy in what you do?  Many think it must be "fun" to be an artist.  They view what we do more like play than profession.  Some will not understand our vision or artistic direction, and won't keep their thoughts and opinions to themselves.  Outside voices and outside sources can truly impact our perception of what we're doing.  Not to be outdone, our inner monolog and overly self critical brain can wreck havoc on how we perceive ourselves, our work, and our chosen profession.  These negative "forces" rob our joy in being a creative.  We must find that place within us that knows who we are and what we are meant to do.  We also need to find those individuals that will cheer us on in our creative pursuits. Then we will find our joy in being an artist and carry on with our creative selves.  

  When we know who the Lord is & who we are in Him....we have joy (Not the same as happiness...that is a passing feeling.  Joy is deeper and not dependent on an emotional response.).  However, many things will try to distract us from the joy that we have in Christ.  The media, social media, entertainment, relationships, work, family, and so much more.....can take our focus from the One who is the reason for our joy.  We will face stress, hardships, negativity, and much more....but will we let it get in the way of experiencing & embracing the joy of the Lord.  Will we allow the negative things going on around us to impact what is going on inside of us.   Knowing the joy of God deep down in our hearts will grow our faith as we walk forward through the trials and the celebrations. 


September 25, 2020

Cartoon Week : K-4th Teacher Examples

We are nearing the end of the 9 weeks of online line learning, and I have many students that have not turned in their work.  So this week we did a "draw together" time, so that they could focus on uploading their past assignments this week instead of doing any new ones.  Cartoons are always a hit with students, and a great online lesson to teach.

I've included the YouTube video for each of the lessons.

Kindergarten had been working on self portraits.  
This week we turned ourselves into cartoon characters. 


1st grade had been working on shapes and lines.  So I had them create a variety of cartoon characters (self portrait, animal, robot, creature/monster)

Second grade had been studying still life art.  I had them draw on still life object, and then turn it into a cartoon character.  I also showed them how to create Box and Bubble Letters.  

The week before 3rd grade students had created a "mood" dragon.  I had them take their dragon from last week, and turn it into a cartoon character with human characteristics. 

4th Grade had been looking at the work of Kandinsky.  This week I had them create a Kandinsky inspired picture, but had them turn their focal point into a cartoon character.  

I drew up these sheets to show my students to inspire them in their cartoon creations. 


September 23, 2020

Art Dad: Paper Marbling Edition

 I'm 100% online till after Fall Break, and have been working in my classroom.  

However, sometimes the job isn't done when I get home!  Sometimes...ART DAD is called to duty. ha ha  We are home schooling our kids & a kid we claim (my wife's best friend's kiddo...who just happens to be our oldest daughter's BFF).  They are working on a solar system unit, and my wife asked if I could do paper marbling with them when I got home on Wed.  It is interesting working with a 6, 9, 10, and 11 year old doing the same project. They all enjoy art and are up for anything!!

Somehow I'm the trained professional...yet my hands look like this?!?! ha 

My son is such a doesn't fall far my friends!!! 

BFF's having a blast!

I thought they did really well!  We used shaving cream & liquid watercolor.  I purchased the pans, wide combs, and shaving cream at Dollar Tree (where else?!?!?).  
Make sure you have a large box/butcher paper/plastic table cloth so you can have a place to scrape off the shaving cream that is left on the paper.  I cut pieces of cardboard for scrapers.  

September 22, 2020

A great resource for Artists & Art Educators...

During the pandemic I've found myself turning to YouTube to challenge my thinking/mind because regular TV has just too much negativity (and poor programming)!  I have LOVED watching Art Prof.  They speak our language, and provide so much amazing information.  

I found their YouTube channel first, but they also have a website that you should check out!


September 20, 2020

Sunday Devotional With Mr.E: CONTINUING

There are times when I am creating where I just want to give up.  It may be that the piece is extremely challenging. It may be that the time it is taking to create is excessive.  It may have nothing to do with the art itself, but something is causing the task to feel more laborious than joyous.  No matter the reason, as an artist you can not just give up on every piece that begins to tax your skills, energy, or emotions.  Continuing is the only true response for the serious artist.  This doesn't always guarantee success, but you will learn/grow more from continuing and failing than quitting and never knowing the extent of your talents and tenacity. 

This life can push us to the brink and beyond.  "How much more can I handle?"  Physical, financial, and emotional issues can seemingly rob us of our joy, peace, and love.  Circumstances seemingly supersede the truths we thought we believed. Things are just too hard.  This isn't how it was suppose to be.  We just want to give up.

Continuing on allows you to see life is possible after the pain.  Continuing on allows you to see victories you never thought possible.  Continuing on in the face of trials will allow you grow in ways you never thought possible.  Continuing on will allow you to see the faithfulness of God. Continuing on will provide you a testimony to encourage, inspire, and instruct others when they are struggling with giving up.  Psalm 73:26 says " My flesh and my heart may fail, BUT GOD..."  We were never promised an easy picture perfect life.  However, we can not focus on the failing of the flesh & heart....we must focus on "BUT GOD"!  No matter what you are going through...."GOD IS THE STRENGTH OF MY HEART AND MY PORTION FOREVER."  HE IS ENOUGH.  


September 18, 2020

A word to all the art teachers....

For those who are killin' it...and those who feel like it is killing them!  

September 17, 2020

Art Supply Review: Crafter's Square Rolling Cutter

I found something new at Dollar Tree!!!  Check out my review (Here's a hint...I LOVE IT!).  I know that Dollar Tree's are not always consistent in what they carry.  


September 16, 2020


We are using the Florida Virtual School, and there is a lesson that has students creating in the style of Jackson Pollock.  Many of our students do not have paint at home to complete this studio project.  




September 14, 2020


Invite students, faculty, other art teachers, friends, and family to join in the fun!!! 


September 13, 2020

Sunday Devotional With Mr.E: Stressed

Am I good enough? Are my ideas original? Will I run out of ideas?  Do I have the money I need to purchase supplies to continue creating?   Will I find a place to show my work? Will they like it? Will they buy it?  Will I make enough money from selling my work to keep going?  The mind of an artist never rests.  We travel down a thousand roads without taking a step.  In doing so, we can work ourselves into a mess of stress and anxiety.  This stress does not truly benefit us.  Oh, there are those that claim they work better under stress.  The negativity that accompanies stress weighs too heavily on the artist's mind, heart, and soul. However, stress is real.  We all experience it, but we do not have to entertain it. Having a group of people in your life that can be there to be real with you in your artist pursuits....AND ENCOURAGING...will keep you from being crushed under the weight of stress.  

Are you stressed?  Have you been stressed recently?  What is causing the anxiety that you are feeling?  Are they things that are within your control to deal with?  Are they things that are out of your control? 
What is your normal response to stress?

Too often people are trying to carry the burdens of the world on their own.  There are situations that can not be alleviated by another. There are also situations that are completely out of our control, yet we take them on as our own burdens.  We must allow others into our life to help challenge our thinking and encourage our hearts.  Sometimes having an outside perspective can help us get out of negative thought patterns. Sometimes we just need an encouraging word to give us strength and hope.  God reminds us of this in Proverbs 12:25.  I believe there are so many that have accepted being stressed as a way of life.  Let God use you to be a source of encouragement and reason to those who may be struggling. 

September 10, 2020

Shapes & Lines: 1st Grade

This was the lesson I taught 1st grade this week. I wanted to review the basics of line and shapes, and to reinforce vocabulary I want my students to be using.  


September 09, 2020

Mood Fish: Kindergarten

This was the lesson I taught to my kindergarten students this week.  I usually start the year with fish or birds.  I like to start with something that uses simple shapes as we introduce new media and techniques. PLUS...I have LOTS of books for fish and birds!  


September 08, 2020

Art Supply Review: Target's Up & Up vs Crayola

I will say that there there is for sure a difference with some of the supplies, but
 different isn't always bad! Check out my review...and know before your buy.


September 04, 2020

Art Bags

Once we began teaching virtually, I realized many of my students did not have basic art supplies.  Because of some generous gifts...I was able to purchase supplies to pass out to those students in need.  Yes, I know that I bought "Cra-Z-Art" brand.  I wanted to be wise with the money that was given to me..and I could get more supplies if I went with this brand (Double the supplies!!!).  

My kids helped me bag all the supplies up.  They really wanted to help when they heard that some kids didn't have things like crayons & markers (something that seemed so foreign to them being children of teachers).  So thankful for their servant hearts!  


September 01, 2020

Selfie Time!

I created this a few years ago...but it just popped up in my memories on Facebook.  Had to share it again...makes me chuckle!