July 24, 2009

Beauty & The Beast Camp

I recently finished with a two week Theater/Music/Art Camp. The musical they were doing this summer is Beauty & the Beast. This was my first summer working with this camp, and it was a real challenge. I taught two 45 min. sessions a day, each session having 30 students ages 6 to 13 yrs old! I was asked to create lessons based on the movie/musical. I had no desire to copy ideas from the movie, but instead pulled elements out of the movie that I thought would make fun projects(and that could be done by such a wide age range!!!).
This first project is based off of the stain glass windows in the movie that explain the back story of the Beast. It is watercolor and Sharpie. I had the student use salt in some of the areas to create a textured effect.
I had the campers create paper mache bowls from construction paper and liquid starch! They turned out great, but unforunately did not do a song and dance number.

July 05, 2009

Art World Magazine Web Site

I'm always on the hunt for new resources on contemporary art. Lets face it, what we find in most of our schools is nothing but "The Masters". There is nothing wrong with that, but art did not stop a century ago! It is alive & well, and I want to my students to know this...and see this!!!
I came across Art World Magazine's web page tonight, and LOVE IT!!! Lot of videos with some interesting stuff that can be shared with our students!! Take a look for yourself and see!!