November 17, 2009

CREATIVITY FOR KIDS ....just add imagination!

I'm always looking for products, websites, activities to recommend to parents & students. I came across this site, and thought I'd pass it along. Now, it is kind of art in a box/canned art....HOWEVER....this might take the fear out of some parents having a craft time with their children!!! Some of the products look like a lot of fun too!!!
The parent company I've heard of..and have used some of their products.

November 12, 2009

Kindergarten Tackles Texture

I had the students start by drawing a grid on their paper(This can be a
challenge with Kinderbabies!! ha ha). They then used texture plates under
their paper to create these crayon rubbings.
Students created texture medallions in clay.
They will be turned into necklaces once fired. Students created texture in the grassy area of their pictures by fringing the edges of their paper with scissors. This was one of the first times we used scissors and glue in class. They did an amazing job!!

November 11, 2009

Weaving: 3rd & 4th Grade

It's that wonderful time of the year again...WEAVING!!!! My 3rd graders have always done their circle weavings in the fall. My 4th graders usually do their tapestry weavings toward the
end of the school year(it helps them focus when they are all crazy with spring). However, this
year I moved it to come after my 4th graders social studies unit on TN Native Americans.
I like the idea of having that connection for my students, but not sure I like doing
the project at this time of the year.

Ends & Outs of Circle Weaving

Here is the "formula" you use for circle weaving for warping your loom. If any of you have questions concerning the lesson, please feel free to ask.

November 03, 2009

Crayola Christmas Gifts

Now that I have a baby, I've been looking at all the things Crayola has to offers little learners. They have several toys that I think will make great Christmas gifts for the baby in your life! This one is my favorite.
"The Crayola Beginnings Rainbow Tower develops and delights! This wonderful, light-up play station teaches baby to recognize colors with lights and music. The stacking and nesting activities help to develop a child’s size perception and hand-eye coordination. Special TaDoodles characters light up when placed on the base. They also combine to make new colors when one is placed inside the other."
Check out this and other gift ideas at:
PS.....I bought this for my baby girl!!! I can't wait to play with mean....I can't wait for her to play with it on Christmas day!!!