October 31, 2008


I do not do "Holiday" art. Holiday art is good for a day and then needs to be taken down after the holiday passes. Seasonal art can be hung for a few months with no problem! Plus, you avoid stepping on anyone's religious points of view on holidays(not usually a big problem in the south, but sometimes you have children that do not celebrate holidays). I had my forth grade class work on color blending with pumpkins. They really enjoyed themselves & did a great job on blending the crayons! I'm NOT so happy with their copy-cat ways! Their pumpkins ended up looking like the ones I created during the demo. I had encouraged them to draw different sized/shaped pumpkins, but...creativity seemed to be lacking that day. Usually they do not copy my demo's....I don't know what was up that day?!?!?! I'm hoping this idea(color blending)will carry over into their other work. WE SHALL SEE!!

October 28, 2008


Teachers...have you heard of LAKESHORE LEARNING STORE? If not...don't feel bad. They are not on every corner like Walgreens! ha ha There are only around 50 in the whole United States! Most of which are in California & Texas. My wife(a 3rd grade teacher) & I stopped at the one located in Atlanta, GA yesterday. She calls it TEACHER HEAVEN. I wouldn't go that far, but it is great!! We really need one in Nashville! If you are one of the lucky ones located near a LAKESHORE LEARNING STORE.....be thankful!! If you are not...check out their website!! *****http://www.lakeshorelearning.com ***** Yes...it is geared more for the classroom teacher, but they do have art, music, and p.e. resources as well!! I found a great book, some posters for my wall, and other random things I like to use in my classroom! They had a nice selection of supplies as well..but I was not really looking for those type of items. CHECK IT OUT!

October 23, 2008

Art Contests

I am not a contest kind of teacher. They often have no real connection to our curriculum & standards, and I do not have the time in my schedule to participate in such things. Sometimes though...a contest comes along that is worth my time & my students time to participate. This year I have submitted two amazing pieces to the Beautification Art Contest sponsered by Metro Public Works. The theme this year is PUT WASTE IN ITS PLACE: KEEP NASHVILLE BEAUTIFUL! I had some amazing pieces turned in by other students(thank you Micah, Joshua,Saige, Alison, and Samuel), but I could only pick two to move on to the next phase of the contest. I think Rowan & Kira have a great chance of winning! If they do win....the entries will be depicted on the sides of the Red River Waste Collection trucks for the next six months! That means over 9,000 people a day could be seeing their work!! Also, if the girls were to win...my art program would recieve money(amount depends on what place they recieved). HOW WONDERFUL WOULD THAT BE!! I told the kids that they could set down and help me pick out some items for the art room if they have the winning entry! CROSS YOUR FINGERS!!!

October 14, 2008

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

I have found a name brand product that is worth every penny!!! Mr. Clean Magic Eraser(Extra Power) lives up to any/all expectations. My art room tables are probably 20 yrs old(I've used them for 8 yrs..but a teacher told me they had been here since the school opened!). I'm not sure if my students are extra messy this year...or the tables are just beginning to show their age......BUT I HAD TO DO SOMETHING!! I like my room to be nice & clean...and my terrible looking tables were starting to throw off my groove! I picked up a 4 pack of Mr. Clean Magic Erasers at CVS & thought they would be worth a try(they were on sale!). The first thing I did when I got to school this morning was try them out! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was such a drastic difference from my normal cleaning supplies. I am totally sold!!!! I might not use them every day.....but a once a week cleaning will keep my tables looking half their age(if not better!). TRY IT OUT FOR YOURSELF!!! You won't be disappointed!

October 06, 2008

Here are the three types of oil pastels I use in my art room. I really like Crayola's Oil Pastels. They have a great hexagonal shape so they don't roll off the table while the kids are using them! They have a great color & go on fairly smooth. The paper around them are a bit tough to peal as they begin to run down. Worth the price!! Cray-Pas Junior Artist Oil Pastels are an oldie but a goodie. They are pretty soft(which doesn't translate to smooth application unfortunately)...which can be a problem with heavy handed children. They do have a great variety of color & they blend well! Very affordable!
If money was no object, I would only use the Portfolio Series Water Soluble Oil Pastels. The colors are amazing & their application is smooth as silk! The two downsides to this product is price & the paper that refuses to peal off!!!! As a grown-up I had trouble trying to remove the paper from around the oil pastel!

October 05, 2008

Mr. E's Refrigerator Art

I often have students bring me art work that they have done at home or during their free time at school. I love to see that they are creating outside of the art room! However, I wanted to push my students to do more than trace pictures or draw Sponge Bob. So...Mr. E's Refrigerator Art was born! I created a life size refrigerator door from butcher paper(would have loved to use a real refrigerator door, but I don't think my principal have have approved it!). I have a list of rules for what can be placed on the refrigerator posted right beside it in the hall, and have spoken to my classes about what is or is not acceptable. The response has been AMAZING!!! I have kids that have the other art teacher asking me if they can give me art work to hang up(how can I say no?!?!). Maybe you want to try Refrigerator Art at your school! Mr. E's Refrigerator Art Rules:
  • Art must be done by YOU at home or during free time at school.
  • Art work must be or appear to be finished!
  • Coloring Book pages are NOT acceptable.
  • Art work must follow the rules of the NO-NO Board! (look at my bulletin board post)