August 31, 2013

August 30, 2013

Pattern Landscapes: 4th Grade

I do not usually use my own work for an inspiration for my students...but for this lesson I was one of the arts(you can find some of my work under the tab MY ART The other was Robin Mead ...I love her work!!!   The students drew their pictures, traced with Sharpie(I use heavy black lines in my work), and used watercolor pencils.    
I have several posts coming with their work....beautiful!!!  

August 29, 2013

Not Finished BUT Bright Future!!!!

They aren't finished, but THEY ARE AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!! 


Oh my gosh...I'm excited to work with these kiddos!!!!  
I wish I had them a couple times a week...OH THE PLACES WE COULD GO!!!

August 27, 2013

iPad & EdBacker

I have pursued many avenues to obtain an iPad for my classroom.  I've watched my student teachers use them, I've read how other art teachers are using them, and I know the many ways I'd use one in my day to day teaching!!!(and excited to learn many more ways)  

EdBacker was recommended by my fellow bloggie friend Tricia Fuglestad over at  So I'm giving it a go!!!  

If any of you would like to contribute & be a part of what is going on at Art With Mr. E....I would be so thankful!  It isn't easy for me to ask for such....but it isn't really about me.  This  is about having the technology to enhance my students' experience in the art room!  


August 26, 2013

Mixed Media Mash-Up: van Gogh & Chagall

If van Gogh & Chagall had a baby...this is what their art work would look like! Ha Ha!!!
They started doing a drawing of sunflowers...and then traced it with Sharpie..  They were allowed to draw their vase however they wanted.  Next the students did a watercolor wash over the whole paper & placed a piece of wax paper over top to add some texture.  The students then worked on a separate flower that they would cut out/paint/ and glue into their flowers.  Last they used oil pastels to add a bit more color to their work.  The project in our curriculum was Still Life....but there is nothing saying you can't jazz it up a bit!

Proud Daddy Moment

Here is my sweet boy at church flipping through a Bible. 
He has started asking for Bible stories at nap time & bed time!!!!
Love this little guy!

August 22, 2013

More Purple Robe Inspired Work: 1st

Here are a few more finished pieces.
There are so many good unfinished ones....I hope I can find some time to get 
my kids to finish up their work.  

August 21, 2013

The Purple Robe Inspired Self Portraits: 1st Grade

Matisse is my fav. artist!!  I love the color & pattern in his work.  So I used Matisse's painting..The Purple Robe as the inspiration for the 1st grade self-portraits.  They had to draw their whole body & include 10 different patterns.  Finishing was an issue, but over all they are amazing!!!

August 20, 2013

Self-Portraits :2nd Grade

I'm very happy with the 2nd grader self-portraits!  This is the start of the school year...and they are not far removed from being 1st graders!!!  They started by doing a large self portrait(using mirrors) on a 9x12 paper.  I then allowed them to choose a 9x18 piece of paper.  I limited their colors to a more patriotic color 
palette.  We discussed ways to create an interesting background using line/shape/color that was not the flag, but could reference it if they wanted.  Not sure if the patriotic came through on all of them, but they look great!  

August 15, 2013




Hey friends...would you take a minute & vote for my school...Tulip Grove Elementary!

August 14, 2013

Creature Portraits: 3rd

Week 2 of the 2013-2014 school year brought us these fun "creature" portraits.  Week 1 we reviewed self portraits & created a full body "normal" portrait with an interesting place for the background.  This week I wanted to continue with portraits, but put a fun spin on it for my students.  We started with "normal" instruction for portraiture.  After they spent sometime with a mirror, pencil, and paper...I introduced THE TWIST!  The kids LOVED it!!!  Some did a lot of erasing...others just added onto themselves.  
We also discussed taking our creatures & creating a story based off of them.  I've got to look at the curriculum, but I'd really like to pursue them writing some & drawing a narrative to go along with these!

Here is a hint...."BABYRUTH"