January 31, 2023

Cats vs Pickles Lesson

 I love Cats vs Pickles blind bags! They are so much fun, and their designs are truly inspiring. I felt like there could be a lesson in there, and I really didn’t have to struggle or stretch to hard to find the art focus for the project. THEME! What a great way to discuss themes in art. This is an easy way to introduce the concept to young artists!! 

January 23, 2023

Have you heard of Scratch Garden?

Have you seen the YouTube channel, Scratch Garden
I was working on patterns with my students, and was looking for some good videos I could share to reinforce the idea (and show the crossover between art/math/science and such). My students LOVED these videos.  Take some time and look through the channel to see what you might use in your classroom! 

January 10, 2023

A Wonderful Opportunity

 The Wednesday night before Christmas, I participated in a service at our church that brought together multiple generations through art and the gospel. Four artists (elementary student, middle school student, me, and a retired person) were asked to create paintings that were our interpretation of Luke 2. They placed our work on stage, and interviewed each of us one at a time. They asked what in the text stood out to us, inspired us, or challenged us & how we represented that within our work. They also asked what stylistic choices we made within our work that helped convey the heart of our art. It was affirming, to me, as a believer & an artist to be a part of this service. The fact that we as artists were given a platform to serve the Lord with our gifts/talents & share the gospel through our work is not something I take for granted. This is not happening in a lot of churches...beyond doing crafts with kids or painting sets for VBS. We ,as believers, need to find the gifts/talents of our people and allow them to use those diverse, amazing, and unique skill sets to build up the body of believers...share God's love, and glorify the Lord. Bakers, automotive, organizers, hair dressers, gardners....can all be done for the glory of the Lord. It's time to view "ministry" as a way of life and not a narrow prescribed job description/role within the church. I loved every work & the words each artist shared. It truly was a blessing.

Talking about my art, choices I made, and the inspiration for it to around 190 people.


Middle School Student

Elementary Student

Retired Art Teacher

January 01, 2023

Happy 2023

 Happy New Year! I updated this PicCollage from years past. Trusting the Lord with the year ahead.  Blessings to you all.