July 27, 2011

More Art Posts Coming Soon!

Between baby-man...curriculum rewrite...textbook adoption....it has not been easy to post this summer!  However, school is starting soon and very soon...and Art With Mr. E will be buzzin' again with lessons!!
Don't give up on me!!!!!

July 16, 2011

Have You Heard of Pintrest?

How many of you have been looking through are bloggie friends' pages and thought...."I am going to try that project some day!" You think you'll remember where you found it...but you don't.  So the wonderful project is lost forever...and your students will have a horrible art educational experience because of your forgetfulness! (ha ha...I'm a little dramatic at times!) 


This site allowes you to "pin" images on a web page.  You are then able to catalog it on "boards".  You may title your boards however you see fit.  It will not only save the selected image, but the website & link where you found it!!!  I'm lovin' it.  I noticed on my sitemeter that I was having a lot of visitors from Pinterest, but I had no clue what the site was.  NOW I'M HOOKED! 

July 14, 2011

State Text Book Adoption

I'm one of 4 selected from the state to review textbooks & make recommendations on if it should be adopted by districts.  It is a lot of work & not easy when you have a newborn and a 2 yr old!  My wife took Eli to the doctor...I dropped Margaret off at Gaga's(grandma)...and I headed to Mc D's to read, review, and write.  I didn't get a lot of actual writing done, but I do feel I understand the process more and it should go a bit quicker now!  I'm thankful for this opportunity, but it is challenging!!!! (By the way..this is only a small number of the books I have to review, but when it is all said & done...they are mine mine mine!!!)

July 10, 2011

Crafty Daddy - The Tutu

One of my friends asked how I made my daughter's tutu...so I thought I'd share on here.  I know I have  a lot of moms out their reading my blog....so maybe this can help you out when you're in need of a tutu!

There are many different ways to make a tutu, but this seems to be a simple/easy way to do so.  You need elastic that measures a bit smaller than your child's waist.  I did a quick whip stitch to connect the ends.  I did not cut the extra elastic off so that I could grow the tutu as my daughter grows.  I purchased a half yard of a shiney pink & a half yard of a flat pink(wish I would have had used a bit more to make it even fuller).  I first cut the half yard in half, and then cut that into 2 inch strips.  I fold the strip in half over the elastic and tie a double knot to connect it to the elastic.  I do an AB pattern with the flat/shiney pink(in the fall I made her a black and yellow one for Halloween!)

The tutu was created as part of the Cow Appreciation Day costume(CAD is a Chik-Fil-A thing..you get free food if you dress like a cow!!!).  Eli got to wear big sister's first CAD costume.  Not sure he'll be wearing the tutu next year :) ha ha  My wife clipped on ears and a tail....why do more than that...the baby gets all the attention(and for good reason!).

July 08, 2011

Art Camp - Day 4

The camp this summer had its ups & downs/ frustrations, but in the end there worked looked great!!  I was dealing with mixed groups of ages 6 - 13, and I only saw them 40 min. a day for 4 days(if that).  The camp is a theater arts camp, and they added me a few years ago to make it a well rounded all arts camp.  I use the musical as my theme, and this year was Camp Rock.  The camp was different this year, because the kids are usually added to an adult cast as "extra's"...but this one rested on their shoulders!  So the students that made main roles sometimes got pulled out of my art class.  One day an entire group did not come because they needed to work on their parts.  This is rough on an art teacher who planned to see the kids for X amount of time. Anyways...it all worked out.

Art Camp - Day 3

July 07, 2011

Art Camp - Day 2

Here are some of the paintings on day 2.  We only have 40 min. together(if I even get them at all..frustration I'll share another day).  I now think we'll work all 4 days on them to bring them to completetion.  I had other projects planned, but the way things are going...I'm just hoping this one will be finished by the end of camp.

July 06, 2011

Art Camp - DAY 1

Camp Rock is the theme of this all arts camp.  This is my 3rd summer being the fine arts instructor for the camp(last year's theme was Seussical the Musical & the year before that was Beauty & the Beast).
I decided that the kids would create an acrylic painting of a guitar(electric or accoustic) & create a design on the guitar.  They've really been into it.  The camp is a bit challenging for many reasons this summer.  My students are more into drama & singing, but for the most part enjoy art.  However,  the ages are mixed.  I have 6 yr olds to 13 yr olds in the same room.  So the images you'll see the next few posts are that wide range.