July 14, 2011

State Text Book Adoption

I'm one of 4 selected from the state to review textbooks & make recommendations on if it should be adopted by districts.  It is a lot of work & not easy when you have a newborn and a 2 yr old!  My wife took Eli to the doctor...I dropped Margaret off at Gaga's(grandma)...and I headed to Mc D's to read, review, and write.  I didn't get a lot of actual writing done, but I do feel I understand the process more and it should go a bit quicker now!  I'm thankful for this opportunity, but it is challenging!!!! (By the way..this is only a small number of the books I have to review, but when it is all said & done...they are mine mine mine!!!)


  1. The free books have got to make up for the work. A teacher in our district in TN had an incredible stack of prints. I used him like a library.

  2. I'm doing that for my state also. I agree, it is very challenging! The rubrics I have to complete are a bit education-y speak and it makes my head spin to apply it to a 1st graders' textbook understanding!