July 08, 2011

Art Camp - Day 4

The camp this summer had its ups & downs/ frustrations, but in the end there worked looked great!!  I was dealing with mixed groups of ages 6 - 13, and I only saw them 40 min. a day for 4 days(if that).  The camp is a theater arts camp, and they added me a few years ago to make it a well rounded all arts camp.  I use the musical as my theme, and this year was Camp Rock.  The camp was different this year, because the kids are usually added to an adult cast as "extra's"...but this one rested on their shoulders!  So the students that made main roles sometimes got pulled out of my art class.  One day an entire group did not come because they needed to work on their parts.  This is rough on an art teacher who planned to see the kids for X amount of time. Anyways...it all worked out.

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