March 30, 2010

Kindergarten Art Show Work

I teach 5 classes of Kindergarten. Some of the pictures didn't turn out all all that great, so here are just a few. I had introduced this lesson a few weeks ago to you all. However, seeing the paintings all together is something else!! I mounted the work on black as not to take away from the color of their paintings. I had many parents say they planned on framing their child's work.

March 25, 2010

TGE Annual Art Show 2010

Every year we have an all school art show at Tulip Grove. Every student has one piece of art in the show. This is the first year that TGE has only one art teacher...ME! So, it was a bit more overwhelming than normal (and there is the whole finishing my masters, married, 1 yr old baby, building a house..etc..etc..HA HA). The theme I picked was How Artists See. The students created worked based off an artist or artistic style. This is just an overview, and I'll add more photos over the next couple days.

March 11, 2010

Great Purchase

I always try to have my students that have special needs do the project that the class is working on (with modifications). However, an hour is a long time for them to stay focused & not distroy the work they are doing. So after about a half hour, I'll take the work from the special needs students, and give them the Mega Blocks to build with. THEY LOVE THEM!!!! The structures they've built are pretty amazing. I found these Mega Bloks at Wal-Mart.

Fish Collage - Kindergarten

March 09, 2010

Art Show 2010 - HOW ARTISTS SEE

!!!!!!!!COMING SOON!!!!!!!
Every year I pick a theme for our school wide art show. This year it is HOW ARTISTS SEE. I have this great series of books that inspired the idea. I can't say that I pulled all my ideas from the books (though I probably could have), but I liked the concept so much. It was open enough to have a nice variety of projects! As you walk into the art show I will have the inspiration pieces & artist/style information so parents & visitors will have some background knowledge to what they'll be seeing.