October 28, 2010


Hey friends!  I was selected to represent TN at ETS in Princeton, NJ on the team that will be reviewing the Art PRAXIS & setting the score for all new art teachers seeking certification.  It has been many moons since I've taken the PRAXIS test...and was wondering if some of the new teachers that swing by my blog have any thoughts on their experience with the test.  Did you feel the content was fitting?  Was anything just totally out there to you???  I want to hear from you so I can take the information with me!   THANKS!!!!

October 22, 2010

The No-No Board: What I say to my students!

no-no board
I've been asked what I say to my students when introducing
the no-no board...so here it is!
I work better with an audience..but it gives you an idea.

October 09, 2010

Me & My Bloggie Art Teacher Friends At The Workshop

 I have issues...I know!! HA HA HA

Rachel & I taking a moment for a blog worthy picture!!

Japanese Tea Ceremony Bowls

For some reason I do not have a picture of my bowl, but here are some of
the ones created by the other art teachers.

Art Workshop with Regis Brodie

We were very lucky to have Regis Brodie conduct a workshop here in Nashville on Oct. 8th.  If you do not know who he is(I did not either till the workshop)...check out his website --> http://www.rcbrodie.com/
I was really taken by his passion for teaching & art after 40 yrs!!!  I pray that I can still have that type of passion for art & art education as I continue down this road!!!

When we actually got to the art making portion of the workshop, we learned about the Japanese Tea Ceremony. Mr. Brodie shared with us the process & the materials used.  We were going to be creating the tea bowl for the ceremony. 

October 06, 2010

Texture Lesson/Rubbing Plate Storage

Every year I do a texture unit with Kindergarten.  I start by using rubbing plates to show actual(tactile) & visual texture.  They also make a great sound!! One of the problems I have though is the texture plates are hard to store & pass out.  They are slippery little buggers!!  So I finally decided the best way to do it is  separate them out into gallon Ziploc/Hefty bags.  This keeps the neat & organized.  The students pull them out & put them back as they are using them...so they are all over the place.  Today was the first time I used them...worked like a dream! 

October 05, 2010

Chihuly"ing" on Display

So Wed. is Walk to School Day, and Tulip Grove is the host school for the event.  That means all the TV stations in Nashville, the mayor, the superintendent of schools...everyone will be here. I wanted to make sure that in passing...they would see the amazing art happening at Tulip Grove!!  Hopefully we'll get some free press out of this!  I'm not above using someone's event for the art programs gain!!! ha ha

1st Grade Macchias

I hot glued the Macchias to strips of lamination(holds up to the hot glue gun heat), and then hot glued the strip to the window above the front doors of our school.  Grouped together they look awesome!!