October 09, 2010

Art Workshop with Regis Brodie

We were very lucky to have Regis Brodie conduct a workshop here in Nashville on Oct. 8th.  If you do not know who he is(I did not either till the workshop)...check out his website --> http://www.rcbrodie.com/
I was really taken by his passion for teaching & art after 40 yrs!!!  I pray that I can still have that type of passion for art & art education as I continue down this road!!!

When we actually got to the art making portion of the workshop, we learned about the Japanese Tea Ceremony. Mr. Brodie shared with us the process & the materials used.  We were going to be creating the tea bowl for the ceremony. 

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  1. Blast from the past! I grew up in Saratoga Springs NY, where Skidmore College is, and where Regis taught (does he still teach there?) for many years. I took my undergrad clay class from him when home from college in the summer of ....either 1972 or 1973! He was pretty humbling to those of us with less than thimble thumbs even then. My hair was down past my waist (it was hippie days) and it used to get stuck in the clay and start spinning around when I was trying to make something on the wheel. I remember coming home to my parents house covered in clay, right down to my shoes. Skidmore at the time was a very 'upscale' college and I was a decidedly poor college student, so I was overwhelmed with the whole thing. But he was amazingly talented and promising even that long ago. Thanks for bringing it all back to me!