October 05, 2010

1st Grade Macchias

I hot glued the Macchias to strips of lamination(holds up to the hot glue gun heat), and then hot glued the strip to the window above the front doors of our school.  Grouped together they look awesome!!


  1. Yeah! You must feel happy to have this done and so beautiful. Love it!

  2. FABULOUS!!! I can't tell you how much I want to try this. Can't wait till I can get my kids there:) I am so impressed with what you can do with your students so early in the year. It's incredible.

  3. Your installations are inspirational - please share how you made them I have some to show in a couple of weeks that my students have made from laminated tissue paper- will put up on my blog OZ KIDZ ARTZ
    Cheers Cheryl