About Me


I grew up in a small coal mining/farming town of 70 people in southeastern Ohio along the West Virginia border.  Though I didn't have art till high school, I was always interested in drawing, painting, quilts, and crafts.   During high school, I scored extremely high on the ASVAB, and the Navy offered for me to join with a rank and be part of their nuclear engineering program.  I did NOT accept. Can you imagine Mr. E on a sub?!?  I don't think so!? ha ha

I attended Bowling Green State University in Bowling Green, Ohio.  I originally went for Art Therapy/Art Ed, but changed my major to Art Education(with a focus in watercolor) within the first year.  BGSU is known for its education program, and the art education program was equally as excellent! For my student teaching, I applied for & was accepted to the international student teaching program.  I was placed in Montreal, Quebec. Blessed with the most amazing co-operating teacher, I learned so much through the experience.  I taught 7th through 11th grade(their version of high school) for 10 week.  Though it was a wonderful student teaching experience, it was then I realized I wanted to teach elementary!!  I came back to the USA, and graduated in Dec. of 1996. 

In summer of 1997, Metro Nashville Public Schools hired 80 elementary art teachers!  I was more than happy to head south....warmer weather(winters), country music, Christian music, and a JOB!!!!!!!

I have taught at three schools since beginning my career.  I started in an inner city Nashville school(K-6), and my first classroom was destroyed by a tornado during my first year of teaching(so I can trump most of you on your first year stories..ha ha). I was there for two years..before I joined staff with Campus Crusade for Christ for one year.  My second school was in north Nashville(K-4).  I was there for only one year.  Then I had a chance to teach in the area I lived!  I moved to my current school (K-4) in 2001.  It is a wonderful blend of children from different economical situations(we are a Title 1 school), different parts of the country(very transient area), and different parts of the world.  We've seen a great deal of changes over the year, but It has been such a blessing to be part of this community for such a long time.

 I was named the 2011-2012 Tennessee State Elementary Art Teacher of the Year by the TAEA.  I was named 2017 Middle Tennessee Art Educator of the Year by TAEA.  In 2020/2021 I was nominated Teacher of the Year at my school.  I feel extremely  blessed to do what I do...and this award was the icing on an already sweet cake.

Over the years I've served on every team, committee, and group you can imagine!  I love teaching and all that is involved with education.  I believe in being pro-active in my profession, and that is why I jump at the chance to serve on state standards(2x), textbook adoption(2x), curriculum writing(3x), leading professional development(too many times to count)...anything & everything! ha ha

I have been married to my lovely wife since Dec of 2006.  She was a 3rd grade teacher, then a math coach for our district, and now she has the amazing job of raising our children..Margaret(March '09) , Eli(June '11), and Caroline(April '14). Between my family, my job, blogging, and church...I'm always busy, but life is good!!