Art by Mr.E

I love color and pattern!  
This work was created for a book in the style of Minnie Evans.

I grew up in the middle of a forest, and nature often plays a part in my personal art work.

My upbringing greatly influences my art work. All the women in my family were quilters, and I grew up helping pick out colors and patterns for their quilts.  I also grew up in the church, and was always mesmerized by the stained glass windows. This come threw in my work more often than not. 

   I was invited by my alma mater to participate in their Milestones Show...where they asked the ten most influential people from each of the art disciplines (I was asked for Art Education) who graduated from BGSU. When I went to opening...they had hung it wrong, but it was still wonderful to be a part! 

This is an actual fiber piece I created in spring of 2020.

This series of paintings I created to play with color and texture.  It was created using painted paper that was then collaged together, and I completed it with colored pencil outlines and patterns. 

For several years I was in charge of the stage decorations for Vacation Bible School at our church.  This set was 24 feet across and 8 feet tall.  

This was another VBS painting. 
4ft x 8ft

The following paintings were done on the walls of a "Play Place" with an underwater theme. 

My area of study in college was watercolor, but I rarely create delicate stereotypical watercolor paintings (expect the black & white flower painting below).  

This was a 4 panel painting I was commissioned to create.

(w/ Janet Malone)