February 24, 2009

February 20, 2009


THE TULIP GROVE ELEMENTARY ANNUAL ART SHOW In celebration of Youth Art Month Diving into Art (an art show with a watery theme) Monday MARCH 2nd 2009 5pm – 7pm Our annual art show is always an exciting time for the students, faculty, families, and guests of Tulip Grove! Imagine walking through the halls that have been transformed into an amazing gallery showcasing over 500 pieces of art created by our extremely talented students (K-4th). We try to have one piece of art for every student in the school, but there are times where some are not represented (this is due to absences & newer students who have not been able to produce a work for the show). All students must be accompanied by an adult the night of the opening. The show will remain up till the end of April. PLEASE COME AND SHOW YOUR SUPPORT FOR THE ARTS AT TULIP GROVE

February 17, 2009

Student Teachers

I'm presently working with my 5th student teacher. I truly enjoy the experience, and enjoy the energy & ideas a new teacher brings to the table. If you are going to work with a student teacher in your classroom, there are some things that you need to consider.
First, you need to want to have a student teacher!!! I've heard sad stories of student teachers who were placed with cooperating teachers that did not want them. This is so sad to me & I truly have no idea why a teacher would take a student teacher if they did not want them?!?! You can say no!
Second, you need to know the expectations of the university that you are working with. Each one is different. I've worked with 3 universities in the Nashville Metro area. One only once...because I learned after the fact that they really didn't want my opinion on their program!(they were truly doing a disservice to their teachers by not preparing them...and not holding them to higher standards!! I wanted to fail the student teacher & they told me no. She later got "let go" from three different school districts.) Some universities offer orientation for new cooperating teachers, and I highly recommend you attend. Also, most have a guide book that will provide you with all the information you need. If there is something you don't understand, ask their advisor. They are usually very greatful that you have opened your room & life up to their students, and more than willing to help you out in any way you need!
Third, share the good, bad, and ugly with your student teacher. They need to hear it all, because at some point they will be dealing with all that you have dealt(well, they might not get their classroom picked up and dropped on a car by a tornado like I did my first year of teaching). They need to hear what you've struggled with, where you have found success, and how you deal with the day to day.
Forth, be prepared!!!! I have a book for my student teachers to look through when they first visit me. I has my background information, my classroom mission statement, my expectations, images of student art work, classroom procedures, standards, and curriculum. This will provide a strong beginning to your student teacher's time with you. They will have a good sense of what you do in your classroom & what they can expect from their time with you.
Fifth, always be honest & encouraging. Sometimes they do not seem like they can go hand in hand....but trust me...they can! They need to hear from you, and you're not helping them by sugar coating everything. I keep a daily log book(just a notebook). In it..I write the day, class, and comments I have for the lesson. Sometimes I write more than others. This gives them direct feedback to what they are doing & specific situations. The university advisers seem to like this as well. They look through it when they come to do their observations, and it allows them to see how things are progressing.
Finally....ENJOY IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't tell you how much fun I've had over the years working with student teachers. Yes, it is a lot of work...but so worth it! Investing into others is what we do as teachers, and becoming a cooperating teacher allows you to experience this at a different level.

February 12, 2009

Kindergarten Collage Self Portraits

Ok...I just thought these were too cute not to share with ya'll! My kinderbabies are growing up!! I was really amazed at the proportion & details some of them were able to achieve. Remember people..these are 5 yr olds we're talking about...this is wonderful!!!!


I added a new list on the side of my page featuring online art related games & activities. As I find more...I'll add to the list! Thanks to those of you that have shared some of your fav. sites. I appreciate it! Also, I have seperated out/weeded out/and renamed some of the link & lists on the side. I would love to add more art teacher blogs. I feel that we can be a wonderful resource to each other!!! If you are an art teacher...have a blog...and would like me to consider adding it to my list...please leave me a comment with your web address!! Also, I'm going to remove my label list. I'm just not sure if it is actually being used, and it takes up such a large space!!! If any of you want me to bring it back...please let me know!
Artfully Yours, Mr. E

Tunnel Books

My student teacher, Ms. Edwards, introduced me to a project I had not seen before...TUNNEL BOOKS. We decided that it might be best if 4th grade attempted the project because of the degree of difficulty(though I now think 2nd or 3rd may be able attempt it). We used an aquatic theme, but it lends itself to any theme!! She taught the lesson this past Monday, and the students LOVED it!! On Tuesday, Ms. Edwards had to attend a Job Fair, and I was left to teach Tunnel Books for the first time. It went great...the kids loved it....and I'll be adding it to my bag of tricks!!! I did some research(when attempting new projects...I always try to find out as much information as possible first!!). Here are two sites I found on Tunnel Books that I thought were WONDERFUL!!

February 09, 2009

...a sweet & artsy gift from Rowan...

Rowan is one of my 4th graders. You may remember her from the trash art contest in a previous post. She's an artsy kind of girl, and extremely thoughtful! A month or so ago she asked me what my baby's name was going to be, and when she was coming. She was working on a special project, and wanted to make sure I got it before the baby came!!! I had no idea what she was planning.....until today! She worked on this poster for the past month her mom told me, and used her own money to buy the scrapbook stickers for it(two of the light up!!!!!). HOW SWEET!!! I love it!!!! The blanket was created by her grandma, but I'm sure with guidance from Rowan...it has my signature turtles on it(the boarder is small pink turtles) & pretty butterflies(which I'm not sure if she knew were were doing a butterfly theme?!?!). That will be a special blanket for daddy to use with Margaret(mommy can use some other blanket!! ha ha). Then, at the bottom of the bag I found this sweet charm bracelet. Rowan, thank you so much. This means a ton to me! I just had to share with all my blog readers!!!

February 06, 2009

...Research on Color...

Take a moment and read this artical I found on yahoo news. It's interesting how color impacts people!! Feeling blue could be a good thing for an artist!!!! Check it out!

February 05, 2009


This product is a must have for any art room, Sunday school room, or excessive glue user! If you buy Elmer's gallon glue jugs to refill your classroom glue bottles.....YOU MUST HAVE THIS PRODUCT! There is a cap on the end of the pump to keep the glue from drying up inside. It averages around $25, but is worth EVERY penny!!! Just a side note..if you aren't using Elmer's glue...you should be!!!!! I've used a variety of glues over the years and have found Elmer's to be the best quality at a good price. Here in Nashville(and I figure this is the same across the country), Wal-Mart has a Back to School Sale where you can get Elmer's glue for around 25 cents a bottle. IF YOU DON'T BELIEVE ME....JUST LOOK HOW EXCITED MY STUDENT TEACHER, MS. EDWARDS, IS TO BE USING THE ELMER'S GLUE PUMP!!! YOU CAN'T DENY THOSE KIND OF RESULT!!!!