February 09, 2009

...a sweet & artsy gift from Rowan...

Rowan is one of my 4th graders. You may remember her from the trash art contest in a previous post. She's an artsy kind of girl, and extremely thoughtful! A month or so ago she asked me what my baby's name was going to be, and when she was coming. She was working on a special project, and wanted to make sure I got it before the baby came!!! I had no idea what she was planning.....until today! She worked on this poster for the past month her mom told me, and used her own money to buy the scrapbook stickers for it(two of the light up!!!!!). HOW SWEET!!! I love it!!!! The blanket was created by her grandma, but I'm sure with guidance from Rowan...it has my signature turtles on it(the boarder is small pink turtles) & pretty butterflies(which I'm not sure if she knew were were doing a butterfly theme?!?!). That will be a special blanket for daddy to use with Margaret(mommy can use some other blanket!! ha ha). Then, at the bottom of the bag I found this sweet charm bracelet. Rowan, thank you so much. This means a ton to me! I just had to share with all my blog readers!!!

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