February 12, 2009

Tunnel Books

My student teacher, Ms. Edwards, introduced me to a project I had not seen before...TUNNEL BOOKS. We decided that it might be best if 4th grade attempted the project because of the degree of difficulty(though I now think 2nd or 3rd may be able attempt it). We used an aquatic theme, but it lends itself to any theme!! She taught the lesson this past Monday, and the students LOVED it!! On Tuesday, Ms. Edwards had to attend a Job Fair, and I was left to teach Tunnel Books for the first time. It went great...the kids loved it....and I'll be adding it to my bag of tricks!!! I did some research(when attempting new projects...I always try to find out as much information as possible first!!). Here are two sites I found on Tunnel Books that I thought were WONDERFUL!!

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  1. Hi Mr. E - It's Mrs. E from Texas

    Currently my fifth graders are working on tunnel books using landscapes as a theme (got to incorporate landforms for science) - love the aquatic ones your forth graders did Keep up the good work - your blog is a regular for me, I am trying to get several of my art teacher friends to join me and start one. ( My blog will not be ready til next August.)