February 05, 2009


This product is a must have for any art room, Sunday school room, or excessive glue user! If you buy Elmer's gallon glue jugs to refill your classroom glue bottles.....YOU MUST HAVE THIS PRODUCT! There is a cap on the end of the pump to keep the glue from drying up inside. It averages around $25, but is worth EVERY penny!!! Just a side note..if you aren't using Elmer's glue...you should be!!!!! I've used a variety of glues over the years and have found Elmer's to be the best quality at a good price. Here in Nashville(and I figure this is the same across the country), Wal-Mart has a Back to School Sale where you can get Elmer's glue for around 25 cents a bottle. IF YOU DON'T BELIEVE ME....JUST LOOK HOW EXCITED MY STUDENT TEACHER, MS. EDWARDS, IS TO BE USING THE ELMER'S GLUE PUMP!!! YOU CAN'T DENY THOSE KIND OF RESULT!!!!


  1. Only Elmer's is correct. Several years ago when my district bought a much cheaper off brand, we could not get it to hold anything together. At the time my youngest son was in 5th grade and he did his science fair project on which glue worked the best. Elmer's won hands down.
    (From Mrs. E in Texas)

  2. I too love Elmer's, however I have that glue pump and it only goes HALF way down the glue gallon! It's very frustrating and I found myself constantly refilling my half filled gallon jugs.

  3. Oh Crzy....that's terrible & kind of funny. Having to refill the refill bottle is irony at its finest. Thank goodness that Elmer's is worth the effort.