March 27, 2013

Op Art: 4th Grade


This was a very simple way to do Op Art.  I'd like to pursue it more, 
but it was a great start!  
The students loved it, and to my surprise...really had the patience
 to complete such a project!!!  


March 25, 2013

Spring Break Project

So during our spring break(2 weeks long this year)...I've been working on this painting.
My friend Janet ( ) just bought a home, and asked me to create a work of art for her.  The photograph doesn't capture all the color & brush work, but it is bright, bold, and basically just a fun piece (oh..and very large 30in x 40in ) I've not done much personal art it was fun to have this project!!  

More Clay Facades: 4th Grade

As I was grading...I came across some fun paint jobs on the clay facades.  I'm thinking I'll reinvent this project next year....just not thrilled with the majority of them(the ones pictured I do like).    

March 22, 2013

Last Session from NAEA

This was my last session from NAEA Fort Worth!  I was filling in for my director, and presenting with Andrea Steel from The Resaissance Center in Dickson,TN( & Karen Kwarciak from Cheekwood in Nashville,TN (  It was a lot of fun teaming up with these ladies...and I wish more would have been able to attend(Sunday sessions seem to not have many people).  I learned a lot from their parts of the presentation..and hope to be able to work with them again!  

March 20, 2013


The all school art show is coming soon....and I'm so EXCITED!!!
The projects are different from anything we've done before...and I think it's going to be AMAZING!

March 19, 2013

New Blog for Your Viewing Pleasure!

Ms. Lake is a wonderful art teacher who came to my session at NAEA & is motivated to "re"start blogging!
Show her some love & follow her blog!!

March 18, 2013

AOE Online Conference

Weren't able to attend NAEA Fort were missed, but there is something wonderful you can still be a part of!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The Art of Education Website is offering a wonderful online professional development conference.  It is cheaper than most conferences...and you can attend in your pj's!! :) ha ha   There will be AMAZING speakers giving talks on relevant content.  Go and check out the information at AOE...and make plans to sign up & be a part of this amazing online experience!!!  Who knows...Mr. E may be there?!?! :)

To Learn More...Click The Link Below

March 16, 2013

Can You Find Me? (YOU DID!!)

This was when I was in the 1st Grade!!!  Can you find me??

YOU FOUND ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5th from the left on the first row.

No idea why I'm doing that with my hands??! ha ha ha  
The shirt was designed by my Uncle Henry..who is an artist in northern Ohio.

March 14, 2013

Need A Speaker For Your State/Regional Conference?

So my solo session at NAEA Fort Worth was Blogging & Shameless Self Promotion.  
I practice what I preach!!!!!
I love speaking to & encouraging fellow art educators!  If you are looking for a speaker for your state/regional/local conferences...consider me..MR.E! :)  I would need travel costs(I am a poor public school art teacher after all..ha ha!!).  
You never know unless you put it out there....and I'm not afraid of rejection(or silence).  

March 13, 2013

Inspired by Starbucks

While in Fort wife and I were at Starbucks, I noticed their interesting display of buildings on the wall.  They were done on what seemed to be collaged backgrounds.  I like the simple lines and grouping.  I was thinking that could make a fun spring/unspring project.  We all go toward flowers and such when spring time rolls around.  I like flowers...but sometimes you just want to change it up!!!!  (my goal is no Georgia O lessons this spring!)  I thought it would be fun to have student try different watercolor techniques for the background.  This would represent the rainy nature of spring.  Then do a simple line drawing...followed by outlining with black tempera.  The images are my test/samples. 
 I think the kids work would be more fun than mine!! ha ha

March 12, 2013

Amazing Resource!

Do you know/know of Tricia Fuglestad?  I was able to spend a little bit of time with her at the NAEA conference.  She's been one of my art ed/blogging heroes for several years!  My friends & I first stumbled upon her through BE KIND TO YOUR ERASER video.  She has a wealth of art teacher idea just hangin' out on her weebly!  GO NOW...RUN DON'T WALK!!!!!!  

March 11, 2013


This is the contents of a special swag bag I received from ColArt for being in the top 20 blogs from  The Art of Ed !  They were amazing!! They offered to help me with supplies for my main session...but since my session was advocacy....the offered to give me door prizes!!!!!!!!!!  Gotta love that!!  

I got a LOT more than this....but I don't wanna brag! ha ha   


TASK PARTY:  You take a task out of a box...then have to make a new one for someone else to do! SO MUCH FUN!!!!  There was live music...great conversations! LOVED IT!

They had these set up everywhere to take pictures!!!