March 04, 2013

Fancy/Fun/Crazy Hair: Kindergarten

(This child is wise beyond her years in many ways!  Love this portrait!!!)  

The last lesson from my student teacher for Kindergarten (next week is finish up week..and her last week with us).  This was a WINNER!!!!!!!!  She started by reading Fancy Nancy(who you may know has very fancy hair).  There are many books out there about crazy/messed up hair you could use if you think Fancy Nancy is too polarizing(but I'll tell ya..the boys loved it too!!!).  She taught the student some basic principles of portraiture...and then had them create crazy fancy/fun/crazy hair on themselves.  They kids were really into it!     I like to do portraits several times a year with my gauge student progress.  This is a fresh way to do portraits so students aren't like..."NOT AGAIN!?!?!".  

If you look closely...they have boogers?!?!?! Yes..they were setting together. 
 Kids are so gross sometimes! ha ha ha

There is something very simple & sweet about this picture.  It is one of my favorites!  

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  1. Hey Mr. E! I enjoyed meeting you at NAEA! The conference was totally amazing! I have just signed up to follow you. Love your crazy hair photos! When I started my pinterest board for "Crazy Hair" projects and inspiration, I couldn't believe how many I found- over 200! Check it out! Love your blog!
    Donna Staten