March 14, 2013

Need A Speaker For Your State/Regional Conference?

So my solo session at NAEA Fort Worth was Blogging & Shameless Self Promotion.  
I practice what I preach!!!!!
I love speaking to & encouraging fellow art educators!  If you are looking for a speaker for your state/regional/local conferences...consider me..MR.E! :)  I would need travel costs(I am a poor public school art teacher after all..ha ha!!).  
You never know unless you put it out there....and I'm not afraid of rejection(or silence).  


  1. Ted;
    Here, essentially is the problem -$$$$. I have presented at my state conference for years, and love to do it, and would love to present nationally, but who pays? At my state conference, I get a little $10 gift certificate to the NYSATA (my state organization) store, so I can get. T-shirt or a flash drive. Yippee. But that doesn't pay for my room, my food, my transportation.... And oh yes, the conference fee. Some years, my school district chipped in, but as a retiree I don't have that any more either, so essential it costs ME to provide a professional development experience for others.

    We do pay our keynote speakers, but even that is limited. I proposed to our state conference committee to get Dan the Monster Man (he of the wonderful papier-mâché dragons) after he spoke and taught workshops elsewhere last year, but the response was, because he's from Seattle, that it would cost too much to get him here to NY. So we are limited in our choices.

    Did you receive any perk for presenting nationally? (Other than recognition and positive feedback). I'd love to go next year - San Diego? - and would present if there was a way to afford it...

    But anyhow I'd certainly feel free to mention your name at our state board meeting coming soon (I'm my regional board rep). Hope meanwhile you get a more hopeful response than mine!

    1. Painfully aware of the $$ situation!!!! :( Just thought it would be worth a try to throw it out there...never hurts to try! :) I did not get any "perks" from presenting. Well..other than a possible book deal and all. :)

  2. We would love to have you come to the South Dakota conference this fall, but that money thing also gets in our way. Thanks for always giving some great project ideas on your site. Even though I don't teach elelmentary anymore I still follow your site and enjoy your work.