July 31, 2013

Concerning My Chair Footies

There has been some "buzz" about my chair "footies" online since the AOE On-Line Conference & being one of the 25 Clever Classroom Tips For Elementary Teachers featured on BUZZFEED. Some of it good....and some...not so good. I believe you need to find what works for YOU in YOUR ART ROOM!  I don't have all the answers...I just put my thoughts & such online.  Take what you like...leave what you don't.  

First...if you aren't sure what I'm talking about....look at this instructional link from my blog

Here is the article from BuzzFeed.  They kind of messed up the title...but that was not my doing.  I'm still honored to be on this list!!!  


Like I said above...."Take what you like...leave what you don't!"  HOWEVER...some of the issues you were listing I may have some answers for you!  

THEY FALL OFF:  Well...this does happen from time to time.  However, it is usually because the rubber bands were not twisted around enough times.  It has to be pretty tight!!!  Sometimes the rubber band will also have snapped...and you might not realize it till the footie comes off.  If you go with the thin rubber bands...they might break on you!!  Go up in thickness..and this should reduce the issue.

THEY SHRED/FALL APART:  I've had this happen many times over the years.  What I've realized is...not all felt is created equal.  Look at the image below.

If you can see through it like this...it is extremely thin.  I will say that this seems to be more predominant in the lighter colors.  As you can see...I did find a yellow that was much thicker and should hold up fairly well!  When you buy the pre-cut pieces at a store...you should really look at what you are getting!  In the same stack...of the same color....there can be huge variation.  There is also the option of buying felt from the bolt at a local craft/fabric store(please use a coupon...they are good for 1 cut usually when it comes to fabric).  For some reason...bolt felt seems to be thicker?!?!  Though..I would check it before buying.  You never know...there could be variation in it as well!!  

My first year of teaching...I tried this with cotton fabric.  NOT GOOD! ha ha  It worked for awhile, but did not hold up.  I then tried the felt...and it worked...FOR ME.  There are teachers that love the tennis balls!!  I just think you need to find something that works for you! 

Hopefully if you are going to give this a try in your room....you'll have read this before purchasing your felt!  

July 30, 2013

DADDY POST: School = Missing My Family

Working on my classroom...missing my family.
I spent a great deal of time with my kiddos this summer as my wife was working at our church A LOT!
Though I don't think I could be a stay-at-home dad....I love being with my family.  My kids are growing & changing so quickly.  I was blessed to have that time with them this summer...to see all the day ins/day outs.  That is where the magic happens!!!  Eli's vocabulary grew like crazy!!!(He just turned 2 a month ago)  I was able to hear him say all kinds of new words/phrases/sentences.  I would look at Margaret and ask..."Did he just say....?"  She'd smile and say.."Yes dada, Eli is a smart boy!"  We went on adventures to the store, library, park....just the normal living life kind of stuff!  I'm wondering right now what they are doing...what Eli is saying....if Margaret is making up more of her crazy songs & singing at the top of her lungs....and what they are imagining.  I love my job, and am blessed to have the opportunity to be a positive influence on so many lives.  I don't take that lightly.  But...the greatest job... PRIVILEGE...I have is pictured above!!!  
God has blessed me more than I deserve! 

July 28, 2013


So I'm way behind...for me.  I got a bit more done on my bulletin boards, and have moved things around my room.  However...it just looks like a bigger mess?!?!  We have inservice Mon-Wed.  We'll probably have 2 partial days of that to work in our rooms...I HOPE!!!!   Open House is Thursday night....so it has got to be done by then!!!  (I don't have students Thurs because it is a half day)

July 27, 2013

Testing Up & Up (Target Brand)

I'm always up for trying new/different brands!  This is the first year I remember seeing the Up & Up school supplies at Target.  I may have missed it before though?!?  Back-to -School prices are not as good as they use to be...so if I can find quality products at a better price...YOU BETTER BELIEVE THAT'S WHAT I'LL BE GETTING!!!!!! ha ha  
So here is what I found from my very scientific tests!!!


I don't know if anyone can top Crayola's crayons?  Up & Up is a little "waxier", but not as bad as some "other" major crayon brands.  They are worth a try, but I don't think they'll make you forget your Crayola's.  


 I really liked their colored pencils.  They are a little harder lead...so the color will be a bit lighter, 
but not by much.   


The markers really worked well.  You may be able to see the colors differences, but you have that with all brands.  I'm not sure what they'll be like in the long run....that is the true test of markers!  I'll keep using them & get back to ya!!!!

July 25, 2013

IN THE BEGINNING: 2013-2014 School Year

So last year I used a cool color theme...and and my heat went out in winter.  I'm praying the fact that I'm using warm colors this year doesn't mean my air is going to go out!?!??!!? ha ha  

I used images from a discontinued book series to cover to top portion of wall of bulletin boards. I'm going to place my classroom rules there on top of the images.  Stay tuned for the final "look".

I've been unable to find solid black bulletin board border with straight edges.  I just don't like pre-made scalloped edged border.  So...I bought 4 yards of black fabric and tore it into strips. 
We'll see how it works?!?! 

If you've followed Art With Mr. E for awhile...you've seen my turtle displays for the start of the school year. The last week of school I have some of my students make pattern pages, others turn them into turtles, and older kids "clean" them up so they look great!!!  

The kids 1st day is Aug 1st!!!!!! 
 I have got a lot to do over the next week!!!!!!!!!!

July 23, 2013

The Pitfalls of Pinterest

Don't get me wrong...I LOVE PINTEREST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
 (So Pinterest...if you are reading this, please know I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! )  Pinterest is an amazing tool.  I think that it has truly revolutionized the art education world!  


I've seen, talked to, e-mailed with teachers that are finding amazing "projects" on Pinterest that they  "JUST HAVE TO DO!"  The projects are truly wonderful...and have amazing worth.  However, doing amazing projects for the wow factor...and neglecting the need for scope & sequence can be a disservice to your students.  We need to hold their interest, but also need to build on necessary skill development.  If your district has a set curriculum, then you are inclined to find lessons that fit within your curriculum.  If your district does not have a set curriculum....you need to define where you are & where you are going with your lessons.  Too much dessert does not give you the nutrition you need to grow strong & stay healthy.   Just like too many WOW/ Eye Candy lessons do not give your students the foundations they need to build their artistic skills.  

Many of you have found me because of Pinterest!!!!!! Just be wise in how you use the lessons you find so that your students get the best art education they can!!!!  

July 22, 2013

How I Spent One of My Last Days of Summer!

So I was asked by our new director to tackle the "storage" room for the arts (along with my buddy Janet & 2 music teachers).  IT WAS NUTS!?!?!?!  We kicked butt though!!  No air....glass everywhere (got cut)...and more JUNK from science, social studies, and reading than art/music.  We threw out so much...out dated, broken, useless stuff that should have been pitched years ago!    I didn't get an AFTER picture today...so I hope you enjoy what I felt like doing in the below image.  

? 1111 ?

Crazy!!  Thank you all for your continued support, reading, commenting, pinning....
and being a part of the Art With Mr. E community.  

July 19, 2013

Daddy's Little Artist

My kiddos LOVE to paint!  While we were in PA staying with my best friend & his family...they broke out the paints & paper!  Eli was in heaven!!!!!!  The little man did an amazing job....and I loved seeing how neat he was (while the big kids got paint all over the floor).  I think I have another artist on my hands!!!

July 17, 2013

A Nod To Andy Warhol

While we were on our summer vacation this past week...we went to a childhood fav. of mine...STORY BOOK FOREST.  It is located in Ligonier , PA....about an hour from Pittsburgh.  I do not remember this being here in when I was a kid, but my guess it is a nod to Andy Warhol.  "Andy" grew up in Pittsburgh.  I love it...and so did my daughter!!  

July 14, 2013

Teacher's Prayer

My aunt posted this on my Facebook awhile back...and I thought it was 
pretty awesome!  Teaching...it is a calling!

July 10, 2013

Art Camp at New Hope: Day 1

My wife & I are doing 4 mini-camps this week at our church.  She's doing games/snacks.....and I am doing art(duh?!?! ha ha).  Day 1 was ocean themed.  It was very interesting...none of the children were "my" students.  They came from different schools, different districts, home schooling....it was a mixed bag!  You know how you get your kids to a certain point...and they know how to do things...know what you're talking about...understand the vocabulary.  Well...not everyone teaches the same way I do, I guess! :) ha ha  That being said...the kids were awesome.  They really did a great job...and we had a whole lot of fun!!

July 06, 2013

Random Summer Goodness

Yes...this is an art blog.  

Yes...these are Peeps.  

Yes...I've found a new addiction! 

July 04, 2013

Art Classes at New Hope

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ART CLASSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In July, we are offering 2 different day camps for$10 per child per session! Each day will be filled with art projects with Mr. E, and fun filled games. Snacks are also included. Amount must be paid in full to reserve your spot. There are no refunds once the amount has been paid. All registration forms and deposits must be turned in to the children’s desk by Sunday, July 7th. Space is limited, so register today! For additional information contact Shana, childrensministry@newhopeforyou.com.

Lower Elementary: Those who have completed Kindergarten to 2nd Grade
~ Monday, July 8th from 8:30 to 12:00 “The Commotion in the Ocean”
~ Thursday, July 11th from 8:30 to 12:00 “Blast Off!”
Upper Elementary: Those who have completed 3rd to 6th Grade
~ Monday, July 8th from 1:00 to 4:30 “The Commotion in the Ocean”
~ Thursday, July 11th from 1:00 to 4:30 “Blast Off!”

July 01, 2013

VBS CRAFTS:Sharpie Tie Dye Shirts

My friend Janet (Ms. Malone's Art Room) did this at her summer camp, and loved the results.
I decided this could be a fun craft for VBS.  We were already getting shirts for the kids...just opted for white so we could do this project.  The students had a lot of fun...and most of the results were great!  Using lots of rubbing alcohol was key!!!!