July 25, 2013

IN THE BEGINNING: 2013-2014 School Year

So last year I used a cool color theme...and and my heat went out in winter.  I'm praying the fact that I'm using warm colors this year doesn't mean my air is going to go out!?!??!!? ha ha  

I used images from a discontinued book series to cover to top portion of wall of bulletin boards. I'm going to place my classroom rules there on top of the images.  Stay tuned for the final "look".

I've been unable to find solid black bulletin board border with straight edges.  I just don't like pre-made scalloped edged border.  So...I bought 4 yards of black fabric and tore it into strips. 
We'll see how it works?!?! 

If you've followed Art With Mr. E for awhile...you've seen my turtle displays for the start of the school year. The last week of school I have some of my students make pattern pages, others turn them into turtles, and older kids "clean" them up so they look great!!!  

The kids 1st day is Aug 1st!!!!!! 
 I have got a lot to do over the next week!!!!!!!!!!


  1. How many ways do I love your room....I think the fabric strips will be great as they are something different and could lead to all sorts of ideas instead of standard scalloped ones....and the making of art as a group to decorate for the upcoming year is really a fun thing. Then they are not coming back to either empty wall space or random stuff that they are in no way attached to.....as usual my friend amazing!!

  2. Love the turtles! Very colorful and clever!

  3. How do you get your ART collage to stick to the concrete walls above your door all school year? Great colors, love the gold glitter circles:)

    1. Hot glue! :) I first glue most of it together on a table with tacky glue. Some of the pieces are sticky back...which I leave the paper on so I can hot glue on it. Sometimes I'll use duct tape on the back so the hot glue does not melt the foam.