July 22, 2013

How I Spent One of My Last Days of Summer!

So I was asked by our new director to tackle the "storage" room for the arts (along with my buddy Janet & 2 music teachers).  IT WAS NUTS!?!?!?!  We kicked butt though!!  No air....glass everywhere (got cut)...and more JUNK from science, social studies, and reading than art/music.  We threw out so much...out dated, broken, useless stuff that should have been pitched years ago!    I didn't get an AFTER picture today...so I hope you enjoy what I felt like doing in the below image.  


  1. Back to school already? Sorry, to hear that. Hope the weather down your way has cooled enough so you won't be in that inferno as well.

  2. You made me laugh with that second picture. It's always hard as art teacher to toss... but it feels better after you do. Good work... now go back and enjoy your summer:)

    1. Oh Mrs. Hahn...that ship has sailed!!! Today I'm in a training session for the new evaluation system. Tomorrow I'm setting up my room. Thurs, I am back work on the above mess...Friday back to my classroom. Then Monday..we are back to work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!