July 10, 2013

Art Camp at New Hope: Day 1

My wife & I are doing 4 mini-camps this week at our church.  She's doing games/snacks.....and I am doing art(duh?!?! ha ha).  Day 1 was ocean themed.  It was very interesting...none of the children were "my" students.  They came from different schools, different districts, home schooling....it was a mixed bag!  You know how you get your kids to a certain point...and they know how to do things...know what you're talking about...understand the vocabulary.  Well...not everyone teaches the same way I do, I guess! :) ha ha  That being said...the kids were awesome.  They really did a great job...and we had a whole lot of fun!!


  1. How fun! I wish I could be in your art camp.:) Just think of the joy you brought to the children who hadn't had the experience with art. What a gift! Julie

  2. I am enjoying your site and I have a question, do you get parent permission to post images at the start of the year? Do you use a general form or make one yourself? Thanks for any info you can give concerning this.
    D. Ritz ( I teach k-5, art)

  3. I don't have to for the children's art...because I don't show first and last names. Now when you see a picture of a child..I have parent's permission.