April 27, 2009

Mayor's Art Show 2009

Group shot of the kids work hanging on the walls at the Frist Rowan's(4th Grade) mixed media abstract(watercolor pencils, colored pencils, acrylic paint)
Kira's(4th Grade) tempera paint sunflower
Lynis'(3rd Grade) seahorse is a mixed media piece( colored pencils, watercolor, & glitter glue)
Daniel's(3rd Grade) extremely funny picture is a mixed media piece(watercolor,
colored pencil, and glitter glue)
Veronica's(2nd Grade) flower picture is a tempera painting with glittler glue
on black construction paper)
Brilie's(1st grade) fish collage really stood out with it's amazing attention to detail and layering
Natasha(1st Grade) did an amazing job on her collage turtle with glitter glue accents
Zack's(Kindergarten) detail won me over in this work of pencil & crayon
The Mayor's Art Show is a big- ta-do for those of us art teachers in Metro Nashville Schools!! We're able to showcase some of the top artists from each grade level at the Frist Center for the Visual Arts( http://www.fristcenter.org/ ) . Here are the works I placed in the show this year. ]


Rowan(4th grade) is smilin' pretty for the camera by her beautiful abstract sea form! Kira(4th grade) & I are hanging out below her sunny sunflower. Danie(3rd grade) is showing his choppers below his fun picture picture of a fish swimmin' for his life from a hungry shark ! Brilie(1st Grade) is beside her amazing fish collage. The details & layering is amazing!! Zack(Kindergarten) is looking very serious beside is charging elephant! He has so many wonderful small details in his picture, this photo doesn't do it justice.
***Images of students were allowed by their parents! If you are ever going to place student photo's on line, make sure you have parent permission!!!!!***

April 17, 2009


Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools & The Frist Center for the Visual Arts cordially invite you to a reception for the MAYOR’S ART SHOW April 23–May 7, 2009 Featuring artwork from five Metropolitan Nashville Public School Clusters. Frist Center for the Visual Arts Thursday, April 23 5:00–7:00 p.m. Remarks at 6:00 p.m. in the Auditorium $2 parking in Frist Center lots with validation. Space is limited. Free gallery admission.
I'll have pictures posted after the show next week! I'm so proud of my student's work. Congratulations to Lynis, Zack, Brilie, Veronica, Daniel, Rowan, Kira, and Natasha for being selected this year!!!!

April 07, 2009

4th Grade Weaving

At the end of every school year I do a weaving project with my 4th graders. This project is a blessing in so many ways. #1 THE KIDS LOVE IT!!! #2 BECAUSE THE KIDS LOVE IT...THEY ARE TOTALLY INTO IT AND USUALLY HAVE THE BEST BEHAVIOR OF THE WHOLE YEAR! #3 IT'S SOMETHING THEY REMEMBER & KEEP FOREVER!(I've had students now in high school tell me they still had their's!!!).

April 06, 2009

An April Fools Story

I didn't tell you the joke I played on one of my students April 1st. I like to joke around with my students year round, and don't usually do anything on April Fools Day...just don't want to model bad behavior!! ha ha However, you have those students that you know you can joke around with...and when the opportunity is right...you go for it!!! So this student missed the day her class recieved their coil pots back. The next time I saw her she asked..."WHEN AM I GOING TO GET MY POT BACK!?!?" I told her if she bothered to show up for class she would already have it, and now would have to wait till the next class time. Everyday till her class came she would ask me.."CAN I HAVE MY POT NOW?!?!" I informed her if she continued to bother me about it..she would not get it back till the end of the school year! When it was her art day(April Fools Day)...she walked in my room, "CAN I HAVE MY POT NOW!" I told her to wait till the end of class & to remind me then. So at the end of class...she reminded me. I went to the clay shelves & saw that I had a pot that looked just like hers that belonged to a student that had moved away. Picking that pot up and walking from behind the shelves...I "trip" and drop the pot..shattering it into a million pieces. Her mouth dropped open...and without missing a beat she says.."I guess you'll have to let me make another now!" ha ha This is a child I knew I could joke with..and that wouldn't start crying!!! I quickly told her it was only a joke..and gave her her real pot!!!! BAD MR.E!!!!!!!!

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Easter....

I was getting in the Easter/Spring Spirit, and thought I'd change the colors on my page. It won't last, I'm not really in love with these colors....and will probably go back to greens soon!! :) ha ha