December 31, 2014

An Art Birthday Party?!?!

How much fun is this?!?!?!  
I wanna an art birthday party!!!

December 30, 2014

Amazing Kindergarten Pattern


I had several good pattern pictures from my kindergarten, but this one really was AMAZING!  I was reviewing patterns...and introducing colored pencils to my students in this project. 

December 24, 2014

Merry CHRISTMAS From Mr. E & All the Other E's!


                 Prayers that you all have a wonderful Christmas! Enjoy your family & friends!!
                      Find the time to make something over your break....refresh your soul!  
                            Don't worry about will be there when you get back!

                                   MAKE SURE YOU TAKE THE TIME TO REST!

December 22, 2014

Snowflakes: 4th

I haven't been able to paint as much as I'd like with my 4th graders this year.  I've noticed they've been very heavy handed with the watercolor...and lack a lot of control.  So we did this fun one day project to work on washes & color mixing.  We first looked at a ton of actual snow flake pictures....noting the design/pattern/symmetry.  Students then created a drawing that they outlined in black crayon.  I did a demo on how to apply/mix the watercolor...and sprinkle salt (just a few grains and no more).  They look great displayed together in the hall!! 

December 19, 2014

Kandinsky Inspired Complete: FORGOT TO POST?!?

OH MY GOODNESS!?!?!??!  I just realized I never posted the finished product of my Kandinsky Inspired Fence project?!?!!?  WHAT WAS I THINKING...OR NOT THINKING?????

It has now been up for close to 3 months...and still looks as fresh as it did the first day!  Once I got it in place(not an easy task for this non-handyman)....using nails, wood glue, zip ties...prayer!!!...I gave it two coats of polyurethane.  The wood was in very poor condition when I got I'm not sure how long it will hold together or how long the paint will look good.  We shall see!  Sometimes the decay process is as interesting as the creation! 

December 18, 2014

Patterns & Snowflakes: 2nd Grade

This is a fun one day lesson you can do any time during winter(or..change it to a rain drop shape and do it in the spring!!).  I love winter blues/purples, but sometimes when the days are gray & gloomy....YA NEED A LITTLE COLOR!!!

I use this lesson to reinforce painting techniques.  We talk about colors, color color family, color mixing, brush control...etc.  It is pretty simple, but the kids love it & it gets some skills in!!

December 17, 2014

Circle Weavings: 3rd Grade

Hey gang!!  I know I post circle weavings every year...but I never get tired of them! Plus...this year I feel they "LOOK" very different.  We studied African art second nine weeks...patterns/colors/meaning/traditions.  Their weavings were influenced by that study.  


Each class had a mandatory color of their choosing (from a list of traditional African colors) & black. They were then allowed to select 3 other colors.  I was not concerned with a set pattern to their yarn colors...just that they would use the same colors over and over.  The background was later colored using the colors(or as close as they could find) that they used in yarn  I feel this year the background were so much more dynamic! 


Me a little too confident before getting slimed!!  Students that sold X number of cookie dough for our annual fund raiser were allowed to slime the teachers!  I was one of four lucky enough to participate! 

This snap shot revealed that a teacher had it in for me too!!! 

So I think they just pulled the slime (green tinted applesauce) out of the freezer!?!?!
I had to slide down in the chair big time...I'm 6'3...and have short legs!! ha ha  The kids were able to get to the top of my head at first. 

Ms. Kelley already cleaned up...and celebrating with a photo bomb!!!

Mr. Atkins and I sharing the same sentiments for slime in our ears!?!?! 
(ear plugs don't help all that much!!)

Kind of all cleaned up....that wasn't so bad!!  Maybe I'll do it again next year!