December 01, 2014


WOW! It happened!!! I broke 7000 "followers" on Pinterest.  I started out needing 29 people to reach 7000...and ended up getting 40 new "followers" over Thanksgiving break!! HOW FUN!  I love that there are so many art nuts out there wanting to explore new ideas with their students/children!! The journey is so much more fun when we take it together!!

....and here are my too cute kiddos!!!! If you have followed me since the beginning on 
Art With Mr. have seen my family grow!!   Margaret is 5 (born the year I started Art With Mr. E), Eli is 3, and Caroline is 7 months!!  They are such a source of joy for me!!!  I hope you have gotten to enjoy your family & friends so far over the holidays...and will continue to do so throughout the year!!!  


  1. Congrats and such a cute bunch of kids! :D

  2. Beautiful kids. WOW! I have been following since then. I can remember when you hit 100 followers on your blog. Where does time go...... I love all of your art projects. Thanks for all of your sharing & God Bless and Merry Christmas.