December 15, 2014

Dealing With Dipping Hands

After dipping my hands into a bath of black tempera/acrylic paint water all week with the clay mask might imagine my hands looking pretty nasty.  THEY DID!!  However, I found a great product at Home Depot!  Unfortunately..I had already taken the label off of the I don't remember the brand name.  SORRY!!  It smells like oranges..and feels like LAVA soap but in liquid form.  Do you remember LAVA soap?  It was green..smelled terrible..and took a layer of skin off...BUT GOT YA CLEAN!! ha ha  My dad used it all the time(he was a coal minor & worked on his hands were black a lot from the coal & oil).  Anyways..if you are looking for a good cleaning product for your hands....this one is pretty awesome.  The container is huge...and only cost about $5.