December 08, 2014

The "Other" Collaborative Winter Project: K - 2nd

My large cityscape winter board turned out AWESOME!!  However..something I did not count on was our class sizes this year.  We have an average of 20-25 students per class.  This is larger than years past...which means more pieces were created per class.  Soooooo...I ran out of room!!!  I realized this by day 3 I came up with a different plan for day 5 students.  2nd grade created the sky and snowy land.  Kindergarten created the pine trees.  1st grade created the houses!  This is on the runner bars outside my classroom.  I'm really happy with how they turned out...and it was good to work on cutting/gluing more with K/1!!!!  


  1. Love the end results. There is an excitement when a collaboration comes together and all the contributions makes a big effect.

  2. Hi Mr. E. I am a first grade teacher who has been inspired by your city scapes. I had my students create a "winter in Cambria" mural. It's darling. They made themselves in winter clothes, houses, animals, snowmen etc. The last touch was a speech bubble of what their mini me was saying. Thanks for your inspiration. If I can figure out how to do it, I will send you a picture.
    Cambria California

  3. What material did you use for your starry night swirls? Are those GelFX markers or something else?

    1. Hey Jenny! No, they are Crayola Construction Paper Crayons! I LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)