February 27, 2015


So last night I was the moderator for a "TWITTER CHAT".  If you've never done one...they are fast paced, fun, and informative!!! (JOIN US AT #k12artchat THURS. 8:30PM CST)  Mine was dealing with COPY CATS IN THE ART ROOM.  Do you see the irony of this??? :) ha ha  I've got a plan though!!!!!  The individuality will prayerfully come out next class time when I allow the student to add in plants/birds/animals!!  At least in my head that is how it will turn out!?!?  I'll post once we start seeing the results.  Until then...I'm going to need to think more about practicing what I preach!!! ha!

And.....WE'RE BACK!

Oh my goodness!!  I'm hoping that is the last we see of snow days for the year!!!  We've had school 2 out of the past ten days!!  Nashville just isn't able to deal with the ice & snow.....mainly because they don't have the equipment.  I'm more thankful than ever that related arts switched to a rotating schedule this year.  Instead of looking at it as Monday - Friday...we look at it as Day 1 - Day 5.  So we always pick up where we left off. Last year things got very crazy in the spring...and I ended up seeing one of my K & one of my 4th only two times in a nine weeks!!!! TERRIBLE.    The kids seem excited to be back...well...at least most of them!  

February 24, 2015


We have now missed 7 days in a row of school.  I'm not a person that enjoys missing school...FOR ANY REASON.  One or two snow days....I can deal with it....but....THIS IS GETTING RIDICULOUS! I have an all school art show in little over a month...and being out so many days makes me very nervous about actually finishing the projects.  I always start on the projects for the art show as soon as we get back from Christmas break...but a couple of them backfired & I had to come up with new ideas.  I'm sure everything will come together...even if we're working on them the week before the show....but I really don't like feeling rushed or behind.  

I get what Lumiere said...."Life is so unnerving for a servant who's not serving!"  

February 22, 2015



Join me and a ton of other cool art peeps from around the world tweeting it up Thursday night at 8:30pm central time!!  Never done twitter chat before...look at the handy dandy infograph below..and you should be able to jump right in!!  Don't forget to follow me @ArtWithMrE!!!!  See ya there!!



February 13, 2015

What Would Jesus Glue?

You know those things that just make ya laugh....and you can't stop....and you want to share it with EVERYONE!!!  Well....this is one of those things for me.

I captured this picture from an Art Teacher Facebook page.  It is a real thing!!!! 
 I looked it up...here is the AMAZON link

The comments under this picture had me in tears!!!!

"be forewarned, it might leave the paper HOLY"
"It's heavenly!"
"Wait until you try the Walk on Watercolors!"
"..when you think their isn't enough, it miraculously refills."
"Does this mean we need to establish separatioin of church and....art supplies?"
"Comes in a 12 pack...one will go bad & one will deny he ever glued you!"
 I'm a Christian, and not ashamed to admit it.  I also am not ashamed to crack a joke or two at churchie Christian "sub" cultures!  I really don't understand the need for "Jesus" glue.  If you want to be a Christian company...then make the BEST GLUE EVER...
and treat your employees & customers like GOLD!!!! 

February 11, 2015

Wester Kentucky University: Art Ed PD

Me at Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green, KY!  
This is just an hour drive north of Nashville.

I had the chance to speak at their annual professional development they have for their current students, and past graduates.  SO MUCH FUN!!!  I "ran" into the crew last year on my way to NAEA San Diego at the airport....and now have, what I hope to be, a great & lasting relationship
 with the Art Ed program at WKU!! 
(I'll do another post about what we worked on during my session!!!)

See this lady...if I turn up missing...it was her!!!(KIDDING!!!) 
She's a fan of Art With Mr. E...and was excited I came.  She also has a ton of energy...and I think would make an amazing blogger herself!! 

Here is the whole gang!!!
 Prof., As. Profs, Current Students, and Past Students

This is the coolest!!!  The WKU campus is a mix of VERY old & new....you can look at buildings and name the decade!! I LOVE THAT!  

February 10, 2015

Exit Tickets Mr. E's Way!

Do you do "Exit Tickets" in your room?  There was a big push in our district a few years ago.  I loved the idea..but wasn't sure how to "MAKE IT WORK" in my room(imagine Tim Gunn's voice).  Post-It Notes are expensive when you think of how many kids we see as art teachers!!  How could I make "Exit Tickets" work for me?


I purchased a piece of foam core board from the Dollar Tree(yep..$1).  I purchased two packs of clothespins($2).  I hot glued the clothespins around the edge of the board..but completely on the board.  I felt if they were hanging off...they would break off/fall off easier.  The board gives them some support.  I used tacky glue to attach images I cut out of old/discontinued textbooks to make the whole thing a bit more fun & arty!!  I poked a hole through the foam core toward the top and reinforced the back with duct tape. I then used yarn the same color as my walls to hang it from my tile ceiling(using a paper clip to slide into the tile support bars).  I did this up against the wall.  I then got glued the paper clip to the support bar to make sure it didn't slip.  I also hot glued the board in two places on the back to make sure the laid flat to the wall...and some of the weight/stress was taken from the string.  You can use scarp paper...messed up/abandoned printed paper from the copy room/notebook paper....WHATEVER!!  They are clipping it to the board..so it doesn't have to be sticky!!

Ok..probably longer than you needed...but wanted to make sure I explained my process...in case anyone wanted to try it for themselves!

If you don't do exit tickets....all ya gotta do is ask a question to see what they got out of the lesson that day!! "Tell me one thing you learned today in art!"  It allows you to see what they learned...and maybe what you need to bring across better!! 

February 04, 2015

AOE Winter Conference 2015

I hope many of you took advantage of the AOE Winter Conference!!!  I was not able to watch all the presentations the day of because I was leading professional development at Western Kentucky University, but have really been enjoying the After Pass...to watch & rewatch the different presentations!!  Amazing content in short art teacher attention span bursts!!

I'm not really obsessed with selfies...though....it does seem that way!! ha ha  I was showing my environment for the portion of the conference I was able to attend.  The prof. at WKU locked me in the computer lab!!!! ha ha  It was nice quiet...and very very white?!?!?! :)  

OH OH...IT'S ME..IT'S ME!!!!!  It is always very odd hearing yourself...and watching yourself?!?!? Don't ya think??  I love to talk...love to share...not a fan of listening & watching myself.  Hope you all don't find me as annoying as I do! ha ha  

If you have not attended an AOE Conference before...they are great fun!! There will be another one this summer!!!!!!!  CHECK IT OUT!!!!  

Here is the recap from The Art Of Education site!!