February 04, 2015

AOE Winter Conference 2015

I hope many of you took advantage of the AOE Winter Conference!!!  I was not able to watch all the presentations the day of because I was leading professional development at Western Kentucky University, but have really been enjoying the After Pass...to watch & rewatch the different presentations!!  Amazing content in short art teacher attention span bursts!!

I'm not really obsessed with selfies...though....it does seem that way!! ha ha  I was showing my environment for the portion of the conference I was able to attend.  The prof. at WKU locked me in the computer lab!!!! ha ha  It was nice quiet...and very very white?!?!?! :)  

OH OH...IT'S ME..IT'S ME!!!!!  It is always very odd hearing yourself...and watching yourself?!?!? Don't ya think??  I love to talk...love to share...not a fan of listening & watching myself.  Hope you all don't find me as annoying as I do! ha ha  

If you have not attended an AOE Conference before...they are great fun!! There will be another one this summer!!!!!!!  CHECK IT OUT!!!!  

Here is the recap from The Art Of Education site!! 

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  1. This world is so small, eh?! I went to WKU for 2 years back in 1998 and 1999... thanks for your session on the conference, I tuned in!