February 27, 2015

And.....WE'RE BACK!

Oh my goodness!!  I'm hoping that is the last we see of snow days for the year!!!  We've had school 2 out of the past ten days!!  Nashville just isn't able to deal with the ice & snow.....mainly because they don't have the equipment.  I'm more thankful than ever that related arts switched to a rotating schedule this year.  Instead of looking at it as Monday - Friday...we look at it as Day 1 - Day 5.  So we always pick up where we left off. Last year things got very crazy in the spring...and I ended up seeing one of my K & one of my 4th only two times in a nine weeks!!!! TERRIBLE.    The kids seem excited to be back...well...at least most of them!  


  1. Hi Mr. E!
    I'm bummed I missed your #k12artchat on 'irony.' Next week. I'll set a reminder.
    "Related arts switching to a rotating schedule"has me intrigued. Could you tell me more about it?

  2. We had another delay yesterday morning so at least I got to see SOME of my Monday classes - but more snow coming in tonight for a possible delay tomorrow and then more snow for Wednesday night for a possible closing on Thursday! I am so done with winter. As bad as it's been in Connecticut, it sounds like you're having it worse. At least New England has the equipment to deal with all this snow!

    1. Jenny...we might be getting more Wed night. It was 50's yesterday..and I think more of the same today. Then it is dropping to 30...and possible 1-5 inches. However...not two sources have the same info. I'm hoping they are all full of "it" and we'll get nothing!!!! ha ha