January 25, 2024

Gummy Bear Tints Lesson

 My All School Art Show is sweets themed, and here is one of the lessons I'm doing with my students. 

January 14, 2024

Op Art/Line Design

If you want another op art style project with shading....try this one out.  I did switch to using pencil this year instead of sharpie to draw it because I had so many students with anxiety.  Was not worth stressing them out!  All you need is pencil, paper, colored pencils, and patience! 

January 12, 2024

Op Art Fun!

Op Art is so much fun to study with your students (I'd say 2nd on up!). There are so many interesting works to look through, and so much inspiration to be had.  Think about things you are trying to cover (standards/skills/elements/principles), and focus your lesson in that direction.  It really is so versatile. 
If you need to bounce ideas off of someone, leave me a comment here or find me on my other social media.  I'd be happy to help.