August 11, 2013

Mr. E's Art Room 2013-2014: FIRE

This is what greets people in the hall!  I'm going to do a post of my different "color themes" over the years soon.
This is above my door...made of fun foam.  I put duct tape on the back so I can hot glue it in place.  Hot glue can melt the foam if you put it directly on it.

This is the wall outside my room.  The last week of school I have my students make the pattern turtles for the following school year.  

(my "rules")

I'm still developing this board.  I'm going to feature different works and have the students tell me what color schemes, elements, and principles they see.  Oh..the border on this board is made of paper napkins! 
Lot of staples...but fun! 

I'm going to do better about having works of art from different countries featured on this board.  I want to make those connections for students between art and where it comes from.

This too is in the works...I'm going to add some more to the 
Word Bank at the bottom.  

This is how I store my student art work.  Each class has their own box.  I'm able to storm most of their 3-D work as well.  It works for me.  

Here is my wall of bulletin boards!! 

My reading area... kindergarten starts each class time on the rug.

Classroom layout.

I broke up the U/horseshoe this year so the kids & I were able to maneuver around the room a bit easier.  So far I like it!  The only issue is...the tables get moved around a bit more. The U seemed to keep them more stable. 


  1. Zip tie the table legs together! :)

    1. I've never zip tied before, but I like the idea!!!!!! :)

  2. So many bulletin boards! I have two small ones in my room, love the way it all looks. Am going to steal your idea of having students create something in the Spring for the back to school bulletin board. Terrific idea!

  3. Hi Mr. E!
    I love seeing your display creations! The room looks fantastic. Your color wheel, color scheme, and elements and principles posters caught my eye and I was wondering if you would mind sharing where you found those? I haven't seen ones like that before and really like the format.

    1. Hey Julie! They came with our book adoption. They may sell them separately?!? Davis Publishing. I do like the color ones. I don't know if you can see the one beside it is color schemes...really like all the information.

  4. What is on the feet of the chairs? Thanks! :)

    1. Chair footies!! I've used them for the past 20 yrs, and they truly work for me. (though you do have to change them every year). They reduce noise..prevent your floor from getting scrapped up...and gives a nice pop of color.