August 13, 2013


So you've been seeing the reviews on other blogs, I'm sure.  I must say...I appreciate a company that is willing to put themselves out there and be tested in a real word setting with some of the pickiest people out there when it comes to art supplies!!! ha ha  

I will be the first to admit...I am not a colored pencil snob.  I like getting a variety of brands...because I feel it gives the kids choices!!  If you stick with one have only their version of a color.  I like variety!!!  Cra-Z-Art are harder lead...and their colors are lighter.  That isn't a bad thing...if you have other colored pencils with softer lead(richer color).  The Prang colored pencils were GREAT!  I'm not sure about the price point, but the quality is there.  I liked the bigger size too.  I was worried it wouldn't fit in the bigger hole of my sharpeners(it did!).  The pencil felt good in the hand.  The color was wonderful.  
I've always felt pencils were hit or miss.  You can tell when you first sharpen them if they are going to quality.   Ticonderoga are QUALITY!!  They sharpen well & have strong lead.  The Wal-Mart pencils were fine.  However, I prefer Ticonderoga!!!  

 I think you all know how I feel about watercolors!  I've made it pretty clear that PRANG is the only brand for me!!!  This test just confirmed that once again!  The colors are more true. The paints last longer.  They are just better...TRUST ME!!

 Like colored pencils...I'm not a big marker snob.  There are several brands that I like...mainly because they last a good while.  I decided to color a whole page with a color to see how it handled.  I was surprised to see Crayola being a bit "sketch"  Prang's color was solid & true throughout.  When I tested them in a smaller area...the Crayola worked just fine.  I actually do like the Crayola tip better.  I feel you can get smaller thin lines...and thicker thick lines.  I do like Prang's color/juiciness!!! 

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  1. I LOVE Prang products. The interesting thing is that you used to see Prang Crayons on the shelves alongside Crayola. I also used to love to buy boxes of Prang crayons at my Indiana State Fair at the soybean display. I can't find them anywhere anymore. The Prang crayons in my house were closely guarded by me, Mom. I did let the kids use them too, but sparingly, because they were such a difficult to come by item, even years ago. The texture and colors were beautiful! I love your blog! I just found it and wish all art teachers had your enthusiasm. My oldest son started in an elementary where the art teachers favorite "go to" was coloring pages of the school mascot, a cardinal. He is 20 now and in college in a degree using his art skills, which we developed at home and in camps he attended, and later with his junior high and high school art opportunities; no thanks to his elementary art teacher. I still have three at home and regularly complete art projects at home with them. We currently live in northern Italy and have a lot of wonderful opportunities related to art education because of that, as well. Art and music are so important to education. Thank you for your blog!