October 28, 2008


Teachers...have you heard of LAKESHORE LEARNING STORE? If not...don't feel bad. They are not on every corner like Walgreens! ha ha There are only around 50 in the whole United States! Most of which are in California & Texas. My wife(a 3rd grade teacher) & I stopped at the one located in Atlanta, GA yesterday. She calls it TEACHER HEAVEN. I wouldn't go that far, but it is great!! We really need one in Nashville! If you are one of the lucky ones located near a LAKESHORE LEARNING STORE.....be thankful!! If you are not...check out their website!! *****http://www.lakeshorelearning.com ***** Yes...it is geared more for the classroom teacher, but they do have art, music, and p.e. resources as well!! I found a great book, some posters for my wall, and other random things I like to use in my classroom! They had a nice selection of supplies as well..but I was not really looking for those type of items. CHECK IT OUT!

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