October 05, 2008

Mr. E's Refrigerator Art

I often have students bring me art work that they have done at home or during their free time at school. I love to see that they are creating outside of the art room! However, I wanted to push my students to do more than trace pictures or draw Sponge Bob. So...Mr. E's Refrigerator Art was born! I created a life size refrigerator door from butcher paper(would have loved to use a real refrigerator door, but I don't think my principal have have approved it!). I have a list of rules for what can be placed on the refrigerator posted right beside it in the hall, and have spoken to my classes about what is or is not acceptable. The response has been AMAZING!!! I have kids that have the other art teacher asking me if they can give me art work to hang up(how can I say no?!?!). Maybe you want to try Refrigerator Art at your school! Mr. E's Refrigerator Art Rules:
  • Art must be done by YOU at home or during free time at school.
  • Art work must be or appear to be finished!
  • Coloring Book pages are NOT acceptable.
  • Art work must follow the rules of the NO-NO Board! (look at my bulletin board post)

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