October 23, 2008

Art Contests

I am not a contest kind of teacher. They often have no real connection to our curriculum & standards, and I do not have the time in my schedule to participate in such things. Sometimes though...a contest comes along that is worth my time & my students time to participate. This year I have submitted two amazing pieces to the Beautification Art Contest sponsered by Metro Public Works. The theme this year is PUT WASTE IN ITS PLACE: KEEP NASHVILLE BEAUTIFUL! I had some amazing pieces turned in by other students(thank you Micah, Joshua,Saige, Alison, and Samuel), but I could only pick two to move on to the next phase of the contest. I think Rowan & Kira have a great chance of winning! If they do win....the entries will be depicted on the sides of the Red River Waste Collection trucks for the next six months! That means over 9,000 people a day could be seeing their work!! Also, if the girls were to win...my art program would recieve money(amount depends on what place they recieved). HOW WONDERFUL WOULD THAT BE!! I told the kids that they could set down and help me pick out some items for the art room if they have the winning entry! CROSS YOUR FINGERS!!!

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