October 31, 2008


I do not do "Holiday" art. Holiday art is good for a day and then needs to be taken down after the holiday passes. Seasonal art can be hung for a few months with no problem! Plus, you avoid stepping on anyone's religious points of view on holidays(not usually a big problem in the south, but sometimes you have children that do not celebrate holidays). I had my forth grade class work on color blending with pumpkins. They really enjoyed themselves & did a great job on blending the crayons! I'm NOT so happy with their copy-cat ways! Their pumpkins ended up looking like the ones I created during the demo. I had encouraged them to draw different sized/shaped pumpkins, but...creativity seemed to be lacking that day. Usually they do not copy my demo's....I don't know what was up that day?!?!?! I'm hoping this idea(color blending)will carry over into their other work. WE SHALL SEE!!

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