November 03, 2008

Circle Weaving - 3rd Grade

Circle Weaving is one of my all time favorite projects to do with my third graders. Now, for the first class time or is kind of like pulling teeth, but after that it is a joy to watch my student get so involved in a lesson! I often have students come back years later and tell me they still have their circle weavings.


  1. I loved your ideas for the weaving in a circle. I have been teaching weaving for many years but have not done it on round cardboard. (I have done it on metal rings) Where did you get your cardboard circles? I did find them at Michaels craft store in the cake making section but they were just a little pricey. I have a source for free yarn, but if you have any ideas about where to come across those circles let me know. PS. I really enjoy seeing your ideas and your students work.. Thanks Kim in Columbus GA.

  2. Hey Kim! If you look in most art will see "craft circles". I know I purchased mine through school specialty/sax. They are not too pricey...I think they come in a 100 pk...and under $20.

  3. Hi, I've never done weaving with my students before, but I'm looking around for ideas. The picture of the yarn in plastic boxes intrigued me here. Is this how students get yarn for themselves or how you store it between projects. Also, any extra tips on cardboard weaving (like how you take them off when it's done) would be fantastic!