November 10, 2008

Student Paper's Mr. E Interview

********************************************************** Mr. E and His Dream by Tre'Jerr (this was an artical written in the Tiger Times, a publication created by our 4th graders here at Tulip Grove Elementary) Mr. E became the art teacher at Tulip Grove in 2001. A big project Mr. E did was with the third graders. They made 5 foot tall imaginary trees. Mr. E wants his art to be popular, but he would really like one of his student's art work to become popular some day. Mr. E says his wife said they will probably have to drag his cold dead body out of the art room. Mr. E wants to open up his own art center if he wins the lottery, but he doesn't play. Weird! ******************************************************************* Tre'Jerr's artical is an interesting one! There are a few holes in the story though, but it kind of makes it more fun that way!!! I'm just excited that the 4th graders are doing such a wonderful project like this! They come out with a new Tiger Times every month. WAY TO GO KIDS!!! PROUD OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

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